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Hi! I'm Sage Ross (a.k.a. User:Ragesoss and User:Sageross). I'm the Online Facilitator for the Wikimedia Foundation's Public Policy Initiative. Want to get involved with it? Join WikiProject United States Public Policy and/or drop me a line!

#wikipedia-en-ambassadors connectEdit

In the #wikipedia-en-ambassadors and #wikimedia-outreach channels on freenode IRC, you can discuss the Public Policy Initiative, the Wikipedia Ambassador Program, and anything related to those with me, other Wikipedia Ambassadors, and other members of the Public Policy Initiative team.

My fellow Public Policy Initiative team members include:


January - May 2011Edit

Watching out for

September - December 2010Edit

I was a mentor for the following students:


This account is used only to facilitate collaboration and development of content on the Public Policy Initiative-related articles on English Wikipedia. This account is not used for, or involved in, the development of any other content on the English Wikipedia.