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"The morning we left, there was a, the front page of the Huntsville Times, there was a picture of me, a huge picture of me. Of course, the day before, the headline was that the mayor announces he's over his cold. So that kind of, it puts it in a little bit of perspective." – Andy Kindler on the Letterman show, September 2006

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I'm interested mostly in sports, aviation, geography, articles for deletion, and policy discussions.

I am currently active in AfC, AFD, and deletion review. I edited a bit in 2005 too.

Articles I have created include 1974 Leningrad Aeroflot Il-18 crash, SV Lafnitz, and Fernie Ghostriders. Nothing hugely impressive. I also created a stub article called Leek Town F.C. a long time ago and cannot take any credit for its featured article status.

Articles I have helped save at AfD include Pied-à-terre.

I tend to add references and citations as I go as opposed to editing any one article in depth.

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