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Welcome to My User Page, Wikipedians!

Why "Spell Czech"? My username is a play on words, as Czech and Check are homophones. So instead of Spell Chech: Spell Czech

About Me: I enjoy both the natural sciences and fiction writing throughly. I joined Wikipedia to repay my debt to the community for all the times they have served me, the common reader. Fighting vandals or editing bodly, I bow to you who serve Wikipedia diligently. Here is a short story I wrote for you as a treat; that's the minimum I could do. Enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback!

Time Capsule

"28... 29... 30. Ready or Not, Here I Come!" I heard over the transmitter. Tamariel has always been good at hide and seek, but she was not going to get me this time.

I sat behind the sandy dunes of Meronia, not unlike a ghost, listening to every crackle of the wind. Suddenly, a ticking sound, along with a hint of hissing stood out of the background, tickling my ears. Carefully listening, I realised it was electromagnetic interference emitted from Tamariel's SpaceBike. "She must be only a few million light years away", I told myself. I reached for my belt, and my fingers trembled to punch in the coordinates for Saarthal.

As my eyes recovered from the blinding flash of spacetime, I quickly found out that I was now in even greater trouble; I was not on the dwarf planet, but instead my wearable computer read:

"Current Location: <Earth, Milky Way>"

I heard my mom's voice telling me not to ever leave the local globular cluster, but now, that was the least of my concerns. I found myself in some sort of chamber, with no access to the surface. I started traversing the abyss, looking for some sort of exit. Unexpectedly, I stumbled upon a puzzling creature. Rectangular and large, one black eye equally rectangular, and two metal ears sticking out of the top. As I stared into it, it stared back. It felt like it peered into my very soul, examining every detail of my mind. But it still did not move. Maybe it was asleep, or maybe hibernating; Who knows? A closer look revealed a marking of some sort. The white engraving stood out, a deep marking contrasting against the flawless black body; it must've been important. I pulled out my pocket translator, and after a deep beep, it read "Panasonic" out loud. Unfamiliar with the word, I assumed that was the name of the being.

Suddenly, I heard the charging of a rifle. "Aaaah" it screamed with a high pitch charge, eager to rain death upon me. However, to my surprise, nothing was fired. I quickly looked behind me, only to see a wicked beast running away, perhaps to call for support. But its sight alone was enough to send shivers running down my spine. It was the most savage alien I have ever seen. Thinking of its only two eyes, the tentacles on the ends of its arms, and its body littered with hair, I could only suppose that it was a slave to the sleeping creature, trying to protect it. As it ran away, its body hairs sprung up one by one, like soldiers of a military parade, following a routine repeated to perfection. But what the beast looked like did not matter, as I needed to find an exit before more of them came.

I was too late. A massive weapon, a circular orb, blasted rays of devastating orange waves through a glass portal. I was stunned, blinded, and hopeless. The machine stared long and hard into me, mocking me, perhaps for my futile attempts at escaping its reach. Slowly, it started to burn my skin, flooding my body with agony, and disrupting my mind. All of a sudden, without prior warning, space abruptly raptured, and a hand sprung out. Striving to survive, I grabbed onto the hand as it pulled me through.

It was Tamariel. Although her face was drenched in acidic sweat she stood as always, tall and grand. I'd never thought that I would be glad to be found by her, but I now sure was. She had traced me by the quantum interactions of my translator. As the mild winds of Saarthal gently stroked her hair, a subtle smile peeked through her face as she said: “Be careful when using that Timebelt, sister."