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The Blue Marble.jpg This user is visiting from an alternate universe.
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WikiProject Canada.
Green tick.svgThis user has never been blocked.
No Karl Marx.jpg This user rejects all kinds of Marxist thinking.
4,000+This user has made more than 4,000 contributions to Wikipedia.
Simple Orbit Icon.gifThis user has seen 5 of the eight planets either through a telescope or naked-eye.5
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WikiProject Ice Hockey.
No sign.svgJust say NO to political correctness.
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🎸This user plays the guitar.
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the Guild of Copy Editors.
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Counter-Vandalism Unit.
UARThis editor believes that account creation should be required to edit on Wikipedia.
Hanlon's RazorThis user never attributes to malice that which is best explained by stupidity. †
Wikignome crop.gifThis editor is a WikiGnome.
Smith and Wesson model 39 IMG 3063.jpg This user opposes gun control.
Flag of Canada (1957–1965).svgThis user flies the
Canadian Red Ensign in addition to the
Flag of Canada
Flag of Canada.svg
Police man Twinkle Head.svgThis user watches over Wikipedia with the help of Twinkle!
Death penalty.svgThis user favours the use of the death penalty, and feels it should be used against those convicted of the most serious crimes (terrorism, murder, drug/human trafficking, rape, etc.).
Feuille de Cannabis.jpgThis user believes that
cannabis should be completely decriminalized or legalized


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