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Articles I've created/significantly expanded [88]Edit

Chemical compounds (inorganic) [42]
  1. Barium bromide
  2. Calcium iodide
  3. Magnesium iodide
  4. Strontium iodide
  5. Beryllium bromide
  6. Beryllium iodide
  7. Yttrium(III) chloride
  8. Mercury(II) bromide
  9. Mercury(I) bromide
  10. Cobalt(II) iodide
  11. Rhenium(IV) oxide
  12. Mercury(I) fluoride
  13. Thallium(I) fluoride
  14. Manganese(II) fluoride
  15. Manganese(II) bromide
  16. Platinum(IV) bromide
  17. Indium(III) fluoride
  18. Bismuth(III) iodide
  19. Plutonium(III) fluoride
  20. Americium(III) chloride
  21. Lutetium(III) chloride
  22. Thulium(III) chloride
  23. Osmium(IV) chloride
  24. Selenium tetrachloride‎
  25. Protactinium(V) chloride‎
  26. Technetium(IV) chloride
  27. Bromine dioxide
  28. Caesium oxide
  29. Neodymium(III) oxide
  30. Neptunium(IV) oxide
  31. Praseodymium(III) oxide
  32. Cobalt(II) hydroxide
  33. Cadmium acetate
  34. Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
  35. Barium sulfite
  36. Manganese(II) acetate
  37. Stibole
  38. Bismole
  39. Stannole
  40. Dibromine monoxide
  41. Dibromine pentoxide
  42. Dibromine trioxide

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