User:SQL/How to close a BRFA

How to close a BRFA as ApprovedEdit

Once you are satisfied that whatever today's policies are have been met and are ready to close the bot request as approved, here's how it's done:

Steps 3 and 4 should be done automatically by AnomieBOT.

  1. Edit the nomination page, making the following changes:
    1. Add {{subst:BT|Approved|Botname}} to the top of the nomination
    2. Make any last relevant comments and place {{BotApproved}} by your comments, adding your user signature afterwords
    3. Add {{subst:BB}} to the bottom of the BRFA.
  2. Notify the bot owner with {{subst:Bot Talk|SubpageName|approved|Botname}}~~~~ (if a botflag is still needed), or {{subst:Bot Talk|SubpageName|approved}}~~~~ (otherwise) on the operator's talkpage.
  3. Remove the {{BRFA}} template for the BRFA from WP:BRFA (CTRL+X it, so you have it in your clipboard for the next step)
  4. Does the bot need a flag?
    1. Yes -- Open Wikipedia:Bots/Requests_for_approval/Approved and paste the BRFA template in (not subst!) like so: {{BRFA|Botname|Tasknum or blank|Approved|~~~~~}}
    2. No -- Open the same page, add {{subst:BRFAA|NameOfBot|tasknum or nothing|Flagged|~~~~~}} instead (note, in both cases, we are referring to the top of the /Approved page, and, those are 5 tildes.
    3. Bot to run without a flag -- Open the same page, add {{subst:BRFAA|NameOfBot|tasknum or nothing|Unflagged|~~~~~}} instead.


  • You can also replace Approved with other statuses in most of these. Anything other than approved shouldn't be added to the /Approved subpage but instead added to the relevant sections of WP:BRFA.
  • Please use {{BT}} and don't leave out parameters. It's nice to have neat, organized categories, which make it easier for everyone else to find BRFAs. It's also a pain to clean up the 20 other archive templates that don't add the BRFA to the right categories.
  • Many of these tasks are currently automated by AnomieBOT