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It seems sensible to put info about me and about what I'm doing / hoping to do on wikipedia here. If you want to add praise / criticism / comment, could you do it on User talk:SGBailey please.

Info about me can be found on my personal website and, since I may well go through long periods when I don't do anything here - even visit - I can be contacted by email on <>.

I suspect that my main contribution to wikipedia will be fixing others' spelling mistakes!

My interests include Go (board game), Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, Folk music, Mathematical games, Maps, UK places.

-- Steve Bailey.

Pages I've createdEdit

Go proverb, Bad English, engineering and science contrasted, On Numbers and Games, Budgie, Flexography, Anilox, Sue Townsend, Kit Williams, Eddie Stobart, 1876 in music, 1879 in music, 1880 in music, 1870 in music, 1881 in music, 1882 in music, 1883 in music, 1885 in music, 1886 in music, 1887 in music, Cornish pasty, David Coulthard, List of international call prefixes, Seahenge, Flag fen, Edward German, Zola Budd, BLT, optical tweezers, digital sum, Bowood House, I spy, car game, Find the alphabet, Car numberplate game, Car cricket, FizzBuzz, Scissors (game), University of the Third Age, Stanley Baxter, Palfrey, barn dance, kaylee, kayleigh, kayley, CE mark, Godley (hundred), Pits (game), Josie Dew, Folk club, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Tatton Park Flower Show, Emma Maree Urquhart, Riverford , Yvonne Arnaud, Image:Oxford shark.jpg, Amal Movement, Bix (disambiguation), FLS, List of European Union directives, Coutts bank, Pippa Funnell, Mary King (equestrian), Nelson rules, Bruce Rowland (disambiguation), Island Games, Sanjay Shah, Three peaks yacht race, John Mason (diplomat), Wildlife Conservation Society, Family (band), Hann Münden, Hann Munden, Killer Su Doku, Eurotrash (TV show), British Geograph project, UL94, Stacey Moseley, Banba (album), Bleep and Booster, William Timym, George Sinclair (politician), Miyeegombyn Enkhbold, Windows Alt keycodes, Monthly events, 2006, Monthly events, 2005, The Cocktail Cowboy Goes It Alone, Nuts in May (rhyme), Sonja Kristina, Sonja Kristina Linwood, Federation of International Robot-soccer Association, Red Devils (Parachute Regiment), Wey South Path, Anne Golon, Ken Nicol, Oak apple, April 2006 in Britain and Ireland, Jessica Kürten, Endemol UK, Wanborough, Surrey, List of rivers in the Isle of Man, A264 road, A281 road, Monk's Gate, To be a pilgrim, Jason Lewis (adventurer), Richard Durrant, Simon West (disambiguation), Strip the willow, Peter Clarke (Children's Commissioner for Wales), Ferguson's Gang, KenKen, New Zealand standard for school stationery, Darren Kenny, Vancouver Airport Services, Shalford, Essex, Amy Spencer, Template:Flag Institute, Cello scrotum, European route E41



Pages (/topics) I've substantially alteredEdit

Surrey, Guildford, Nim, Electronic color code, List of motorways in the United Kingdom, Dots and Boxes, List of 'years in music', Phutball, Go (board game), Karlstad, Sunne, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jeremy Taylor, James Stirling, Square root, Peg solitaire, List of people by name Fixing duplicates etc, Two-letter English word, Conway chained arrow, Dot product, Trigonometric identity, List of numbers, Laxey Wheel, Isle of Man, Electromagnetic shielding, Abingdon School, Honda Z, Danzas, DD Direct+

Pages I want to visit oftenEdit

(aka Favorites - how I hate that spelling in MSIE for Britain!):

And other curiosities

  • User:Reuben List of people with same first and last name (2007-08-08)

Useful stuff that I've learnt about wikpedia recappedEdit

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Test and Sub pagesEdit

User:SGBailey/Sandbox, User:SGBailey/Sandplate, User:SGBailey/Navigation.

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