Ringbark has been known by this name since 1990, although his real name is Ian. He maintains a LiveJournal and several other sites, listed below. Born in Liverpool, he grew up in Bebington before going to Keble College, Oxford and the University of Liverpool. He has worked in Birmingham in England, Port Vila in Vanuatu, Hastings, Napier, Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand and until June 2005 worked for ANZ National Bank in Wellington. He is married with three sons, born in three different countries, and is afraid to move to another country. However, he returned to England in July 2005 for family reasons. At the start of 2007, he started work for MBNA, part of the Bank of America, in Chester. Just before the end of 2007, he started contracting for Royal Bank of Scotland Group in London, where he worked until 2011, the last few months in Edinburgh. He then spent some months working for Santander UK in Milton Keynes up to mid-2012.


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