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Current projectsEdit

There are currently two projects of roughly equal importance to me:

Future (relatively short-term) plansEdit

I'm currently considering work on:

  • Aluminium. A hugely important article. Also want to try a collaboration with Double sharp one more time; there is a good precedent for that.
  • Transfermium Wars. So much info has been found on the topic that it would be a shame to put it to waste.

I have plans for longer terms but my deliberate decision is not to write them down to keep the exciting for me rather than something I've irreversibly condemned myself to do (but they certainly include iron and gold). What if I'm in the mood for a superheavy? Or a TM? You never know and thus it's better to allow yourself some variability

Target When
Current Goal Reason/notes
Aluminium   C   B   FA It's important to hit GAN soon
History of the periodic table   C   C   FA Feeling the same sensation as with history of aluminium
Transfermium Wars   C   FA It will take me some trial and error to see what the result should look like
  GA   FA Will there finally be moscovium at some point? Yes! (^_^) Double sharp (talk) 14:22, 15 June 2016 (UTC)
Iron   GA   FA Hopefully one day
Gold   C   FA Hopefully one day
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