StatusSeems to work on eswiki; it hasn't been thoroughly tested, though
UpdatedMarch 10, 2018
    (2 years ago)

DisamAssist is a tool for disambiguating links. Ambiguous links are defined as links to a disambiguation page, a primary topic or a redirect to either (except for links to " (disambiguation)" pages, which are usually intentional).


This tool adds a new option to the "More" menu (in Vector skin) when visiting disambiguation pages, which is called "Disambiguate links". When it is selected, links to the ambiguous term are displayed in a box at the top of the page, along with some context and the title of the page where they appear. The user can then choose to either change the link to remove the ambiguity, by clicking on the relevant option within the box at the top, or the links next to each item within the page, or by manually entering a different title; or remove the link altogether (if the link is not important to the context); or do nothing ("skip") and load the next link.

The way it works is a bit unusual: it saves edits automatically but buffers the last two so you can Undo them. When you finish and click Close, it saves the last two; the others have already been saved. (There's also a limit of one save per 5 seconds so, if you click fast, a queue of more than two can form.) If you stop and restart later, any pages you've skipped will be presented again before moving on to the later ones that you've not seen yet. You shouldn't see pages you fixed again, but you will see pages you decided not to fix.


Just add the following line to your common.js page: