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  • Regular reader since 2001
  • If I want to know about something, first I go to Wikipedia and then to google
  • With Konqueror, it's easy to find anything in Wikipedia, just use wp: shortcut (default since KDE 3.2 I think), for example if I want to search for Bandung just type wp:bandung in the location bar. Simple, isn't it?
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Write everything from my head as much as I can before they disappears, and then google around for missing information. Please note that I never copy anything verbatim.


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Bandung, Jakarta, West Java, North Sumatra

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Depok, Indonesian car number plates, Roy Suryo, Lists of radio stations in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Braga, Bus Rapid Transit, Provinces of Indonesia, Indonesia, Politics of Indonesia, List of Indonesians, List of Indonesian language television channels

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Medan, Indonesia, Indonesian presidential election, 2004


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Political Parties in Indonesia, Indonesian Flag, Persib Bandung, Liga Indonesia, Tourism in Indonesia, Indonesian Government Hierarchy

Online resources about West Java is suprisingly scarce. Need to research offline.