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Other informationFunction is to move article talk pages currently in Wikipedia requested photographs of people into sub-categories so that the number of articles in a specific category are of a manageable number.


There are a large number of requests for photographs of people. These requests are currently in very large categories. For example Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of people has over 11,000 requests , Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of sportspeople has over 13,000 requests and Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of artists and entertainers has almost 10,000 requests. These lists cover a wide variety of people from saints to porn stars and all types of sports personalities.

As these categories are totally mixed up and are so large no one is going to work through these lists.


If these lists were split into smaller categories based on a specific topics related to active WikiProjects it would increase the likelihood of someone addressing these requests. It would also make it easy to work through looking for fulfilled requests or images on other wiki sites. I therefore propose a bot that will go through the main requested photographs of people categories and edit the talk page of articles so that they belong to a more specific sub-category. For example Wikipedia requested photographs of Saints and Wikipedia requested photographs of baseball people.

This should be achieved by removing the need-photo=yes tag from the {{WPBiography}} template and adding the {{reqphoto}} template with appropriate classification such as, for example, {{reqphoto|cricket people}}.

naming conventionEdit

The collective name used in category is not always the most obvious one. For example golfers is not used as the golf wikiproject template contains people involved in golf and not just players. Where possible the collective name used for articles of that subject are used.

Specification 1Edit

Use AWB automatic bot user in bot mode to

  • The bot will also change reqphoto where there is a in= to people of
  • The bot will also move existing reqphoto templates after the WPBiography template and out of {{WikiProjectBannerShell}}.
  • The bot will also change reqphoto and other derivatives to Image requested
  • The bot will also change WPBiography and other derivatives to WikiProject Biography
  • The bot now also removes yes from needs-photo and added a new Image requested if non exists
  • The bot also checks work-groups and changes from people request to appropriate sub category.

List of projects and category already created AWD code forEdit

WikiProject template reqphoto category
{{WikiProject Cricket}}, {{WP Cricket}} cricket people
{{Chess-WikiProject}}, {{WikiProject Chess}} chess people
{{WikiProject Journalism}} journalists
{{WPBooks}}, {{WikiProject Books}}, {{WPJournals}}, {{NovelsWikiProject}}, {{WikiProject Novels}}, {{WPPoetry}}, {{WikiProject Poetry}}, {{WikiProject Children's literature}}, {{WikiProject Literature}} writers
{{ WikiProject Architecture}}, {{WP Architecture}} architects
{{WikiProject Saints}}, {{ChristianityWikiProject}} with saints=yes Saints
{{WikiProject Golf}} golf people
{{WikiProject Football}}, {{Football}} association football people
{{WikiProject College football}}, {{NFLproject}}, {{American Football League project}} American football people
{{LDSproject}}, {{ChristianityWikiProject}} with latter-day-saint-movement=yes or LDS-work-group=yes Latter Day Saint people
{{WikiProject Military History}}, {{MILHIST}}, {{WPMILHIST}} military-people
{{WikiProject Scouting}} Scouting and Guiding people
{{pro-wrestling}}, {{WikiProject Professional wrestling}} professional wrestling performers
{{Cycling project}}, {{WikiProject Cycling}} cycling people
{{ice hockey}} ice hockey people
{{WikiProject Business & Economics}}, {{WikiProject Business}}, {{WikiProject Economics}} business and economics people
{{WikiProject Martial arts}} martial artists
{{WikiProject Baseball}} baseball people
{{WikiProject Basketball}} basketball people
{{WikiProject Visual arts}}, {{WPART}}, {{WPVISUALART}} artists
{{WikiProject Composers}} {{WPCOMPOSERS}} {{WP Composers}} {{Composers}} composers
{{WikiProject Philosophy}} {{WP Philosophy}} {{WPPhilosophy}} philosophers
{{WikiProject History of photography}} {{WikiProject HOP}} photographers
{{WikiProject Radio}} {{WPRADIO}} {{WP Radio}} {{Radio}} radio people
{{WikiProject Television}} {{Television}} {{WP Television}} {{WPTelevision}} {{WPTV}} {{WP TV}} television people
{{WikiProject Rugby league}} {{WP Rugby league}} {{WPRL}} rugby league people
{{WikiProject Rugby union}} {{WP Rugby union}} {{WPRU}} rugby union people
{{WPMED}}, {{WikiProject Alternative medicine}}, {{WikiProject Medicine}} {{WPMEDICINE}} {{WP Medicine}} {{Wikiproject Medicine}} people in health professions
{{WikiProject Gambling}} {{Gambling}} {{WikiProject Poker}} {{WP Poker}} gamblers
{{WikiProject Pornography}} {{Pornstars}} {{WPPORN}} {{Pornproject}} {{Porn project}} sex workers
{{WikiProject Criminal Biography}} {{WP Criminal}} {{WikiProject Serial Killer task force}}, {{WikiProject Crime}} {{WP Crime}} {{WPCrime}}, {{WikiProject Law}} {{WP Law}} {{WPLaw}}, {{WikiProject Law Enforcement}} {{Law enforcement}} {{WPLE}} {{WikiProject Terrorism}} {{WPTCT}} judicial and penal systems people
{{WikiProject Athletics}} {{WP Athletics}} {{WPAthletics}} athletes
{{WikiProject Tennis}} {{WP-Tennis}} {{WPTennis}} {{WP Tennis}} {{Tennis}} tennis people
{{WikiProject Gymnastics}} gymnasts
{{WikiProject Boxing}} {{WikiProjectBoxing}} {{WP Boxing}} {{WPBoxing}} boxing people
{{WikiProject Swimming}} {{WP Swimming}} {{WPSwimming}} swimming people
{{WikiProject Squash}} {{WP Squash}} {{WPSquash}} squash people
{{WikiProject Cue sports}} {{WikiProject Snooker}} cue sports people
{{WikiProject Gaelic games}} Gaelic athletic association people
{{WikiProject Australia}} with afl = yes Australian rules football people
{{WikiProject Softball}} softball players
{{WikiProject Beauty Pageants}} beauty pageant contestants
{{WikiProject Badminton}} badminton people
{{WikiProject Rowing}} rowing people
{{WikiProject Plants}} botanists

List of projects and category to create AWD code for (please expand)Edit

WikiProject template reqphoto category
{{WikiProject Food and drink}} {{WP Food}} {{Food and drink}} {{WikiProject Agriculture}} {{WPAgriculture}} {{WPFarm}} people in food and agriculture occupations
{{WikiProject Fashion}} {{WP Fashion}} {{WPFashion}} fashion people
{{WikiProject Politics of the United Kingdom}} {{WikiProject British Government}} politicians and government-people

Specification 2Edit

See User:People-n-photo-bot. How to address the many articles with no WikiProject templates.

See impact of updateEdit

  • Enter template name into field of following tool to see how many articles in category:CatScan (appears only to work when less then 9000 articles in category)
  • analysis of templates in articles of people category [1]




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