I'm pursuing a B.S. in geography at the University of Oklahoma, where I've also studied a fair amount of computer science and meteorology.

I'm from Northfield, Minnesota (graduated from NHS in 2003), and can't wait to move back to the upper midwest.

I am a student employee working at the Center for Spatial Analysis on the NERON project. I also work at the National Severe Storms Lab under Harold Brooks, who studies severe weather climatology.

I enjoy computer programming and have spent a lot of free time developing web based weather tools.

Most of my Wikipedia contributions are related to Rustic Overtones and meteorology. I made some contributions via IP before I got an account (or when I forgot to log in).

I was quoted in an article on Wikipedia in OU's student paper.

My website has my blog, schedule, and additional contact information, should anyone be interested in that.


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