I'm new to editing Wikipedia, so if I did something wrong, please let me know. I tend to phrase things rather awkwardly, so edits I make to text may require cleanup to enhance clarity. My interests mostly lie in the fields of chemistry, materials science, and biology, but are broader than that list might seem to suggest. Also note I strongly dislike writing, but hopefully I can overcome that.

I am currently trying to vastly improve Wikipedia's coverage of inorganic compounds (albeit rather slowly), as well as its coverage of "nonclassical" molecules. I like to categorize articles on chemicals and chemical categories as well.

Please check out my list of ideas for articles here.

Articles I've created/startedEdit

Trithiapentalene, Pentafluorosulfanylbenzene, (Diacetoxyiodo)benzene, Tetrahydroxydiboron, Potassium azodicarboxylate,

Categories I plan to makeEdit

Terpenoids, Seven-membered rings, Eight-membered rings, Nine-membered rings, Beta-lactones, Gamma-lactones, Delta-lactones, Benzannulated compounds, Pyrochlores, Vincinal diols, 1,3-Diols

Categories I've made and populatedEdit

Category:Aromatic solvents, Category:Bifluorides, Category:Ferrocenes, Category:Cyclophanes, Category:Benzyl compounds, Category:Non-nucleophilic bases, Category:Trimethylsilyl compounds, Category:Tert-butyl compounds, Category:Triphenylphosphine complexes, Category:Acid catalysts, Category:Chloro complexes, Category:Nitrate esters, Category:Allyl complexes, Category:Allyl compounds, Category:Trifluoromethyl compounds, Category:Vinyl compounds, Category:Titanocenes, Category:Ligands (biochemistry), Category:Organorhenium compounds, Category:Alkene derivatives, Category:Cyclobutanes, Category:Cyclopentanes, Category:Three-membered rings, Category:Four-membered rings, Category:Ansamycins, Category:Five-membered rings, Category:Cyclopropenes, Category:Cyclobutenes, Category:Cyclopentenes, Category:Organic sodium salts, Category:Organoarsenic dithiolates, Category:Organoarsenic chlorides, Category:Benzene derivatives, Category:Sulfamides, Category:Non-benzenoid aromatic carbocycles, Category:Iodanes, Category:Cyclohexenes, Category:Six-membered rings, Category:Silica polymorphs, Category:Crystal structure types, Category:One-electron reducing agents, Category:Vicinal diols

To do (in no particular order)Edit

  • Work on drafts.
  • Expand the article Néel temperature
  • Flesh out ideas for new chembox parameters
  • Make and populated some of the categories listed in the section "Categories I plan to make"
  • Expand the article Antiferroelectricity
  • Improve the article Salting out
  • convert the redirect Antisolvent to an article
  • improve the article helimagnetism
  • Expand the article Heteroborane
  • add some information about azodioxy/azodioxide and furoxan compounds (which are nitroso dimers) to Nitroso. also expand the section on organic nitroso compounds.