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Welcome to my page. I use Wikipedia a lot, so I'm glad to help out making it an even better place! Most of my edits are reverting vandalism. If you're wondering why I reverted your edit, leave me a message on my talk page. Thanks!

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A huge adrenaline rush is usually followed by a pretty low point.

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Souping up your Smartphone editing on Wikipedia

Try one or any of these strategies:

  • Registered users can turn on Advanced mode. Just open the sidebar, select Settings and tap the toggle switch. This opens up a lot of functionality that the standard mobile view lacks.
  • Double tap your touchscreen to upsize the font and readjust the margins to fit your screen.
  • Bookmark frequently visited pages.
    • To navigate to a new page, just replace the page name at the very end of the full link with the new page name.
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