Hi - I'm Cheryl, a mom, hospice nurse, and practicing Buddhist. I'm more of a be mild person that a be bold one, but while I'm very easy going and love collaboration, I'm not a push-over or easily bullied. I'm only an occasional editor here, so I'm involved in very few controversies. If you have a question about any edits I've made or pages I've worked on, please do drop me a note on my talk page or the discussion page of the article. I think people should certainly feel free to make edits, but when changes are made to established articles, it's just being courteous to introduce oneself.

The reason I came here in the first place was to develop the Order of Interbeing pages here. I'm a member, so I have tried very hard to stay as editorial and neutral as possible, but ultimately I wanted to illustrate to the other OI members that our own wiki pages would be a good idea. The opinion of many of the group was that Wikipedia is a bad place - that people make changes willy nilly, are rude, and the facts are often, well, waky with little regard for being thoughtful or collaborative about content. I have moved much of the work I've done here to those pages[1], but haven't been successful in convincing the OI to embrace wiki, so there is little else there.

My plan is to develop an article on "Right Mindfulness" and re-work the current Mindfulness page, since it's kind of all over the place right now (let's face it, it's a mess with religions and psychology trying to co-opt a simple word!). But who knows when I'll be able to get to it at this point; and who knows what trouble I'll stir up.

Oh, and my new superpower is bending people to my will - I thought it was invisibility, since I can't seem to get sales people in stores to notice me. I like this one better!