Hi. My name's Michael Mrozek, I'm putting a total of twenty seconds into this page, maximum. Plus hours for userboxes, of course.


As pennance for saying years ago that there was no way a user-edited encyclopedia could ever work, I've elected to spend most of my Wikipedia time checking articles (thank God for Recent Changes and New Pages). I enjoy fixing miscellaneous grammar-related mistakes, tense problems, double redirects and that sort of thing. I enjoy fixing little things on Wikipedia, I don't really write many new entries. I'm also apparently addicted to Wikipedia (164).


Mgm suggested I mention that no, I'm not an admin, nor am I trying to impersonate one, just check the list. I've used this name since I was about 5, however, so I'll never remember another one if I were to switch. On second thought, I got another request to change my name, and so I have, Sysop073 is no more, I'm MoraSique now.


After reading about the Essjay controversy, I thought I'd mention that I guarantee none of the information on this page :). If you're The New Yorker looking to write an article about me, you should probably call me. I particularly give no guarantees about the userboxen, I just recently updated them to reflect that I'm two years older than they claimed, and left it saying I have a girlfriend so long after I was single that by the time I noticed, I had another girlfriend already.


There are many, many userboxes here. This section is named userboxen because that seemed to be the consensus on the plural of userbox when I started this, but now all I see anywhere is userboxes, so I guess I'll switch.