Hi! I'm Dave, but you probably guessed that. This is not my original username; I have previously edited under the name Davemeistermoab. I still retain control of that account for use on public computers or WI-fi networks. I never really liked that name and would prefer to use my current name, or just Dave. And yes, both my old and new usernames hint that I grew up in the Four Corners region. I no longer live there, but miss the area dearly. I am an administrator, and I do believe in admin accountability. If you disagree with one of my admin actions, make your case to me as to why. I'll try to be reasonable. I formally considered myself open to recall. I removed myself from that list in protest over how some admins that were recalled over petty grievances a few years ago. With that said, I'll still honor a recall request using the procedure here: User:Moabdave/Admin

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