Michael B. Trausch
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NameMichael B. Trausch
Born(1983-02-09)February 9, 1983, 36 years, 255 days old
St. Charles Mercy Hospital, Toledo, Ohio
Current locationDecatur, Georgia
Family and friends
Marital statusCohabitating
Children1: Ben, (2006-02-08)February 8, 2006, 13 years, 256 days old
Education and employment
OccupationFreelance programmer/Unix-like consulting
High schoolLake High School, Lake Local School District (Wood County), Millbury, Ohio
CollegeAxia College
UniversityWestern International University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
PoliticsLargely Libertarian, though technically unaffiliated
Contact info
BlogTrausch’s Little Home
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Hello there! If you’re here, it’s either by accident or because you want to learn about me. You can find out most of my information on the right, and should anybody decide that they want more information on here, well, I can probably accommodate that. Additionally, there is a page on my site with (quite possibly) more information about me then anyone would care to read. arbuda computer

Wikipedia & MeEdit

I found Wikipedia quite a while ago. However, it wasn’t until sometime in 2006 I think that I started editing it. I was doing some research for a web application, and while I was going around searching for information, I noticed that there was some information rather blatantly (IMO) missing from an article. So, I went ahead edited it. Then I thought about how much I liked that, and I started sticking around more and editing more. :-)

Wikipedia templatesEdit

I have been doing some work on Wikipedia lately, though not as much as I would really like. Nonetheless, I have created some templates that people can use should they wish. I will most likely be adding more templates as I run into things that I need to type frequently, as well. Anyone is welcome to use them, though I ask that nobody change them, because they are my personal templates. I will happily make any requested changes, though. Most of them aren’t documented, but you can see what they do by viewing their source.

Mostly, I play around in the computer and technology related articles that I have read, though I have made changes to other articles as I’ve come across them. I started because I was doing some research and there was some information in an article that was missing, so I thought I would add it.


I have been (relatively) inactive for a while now on Wikipedia. I still make edits when I can, and contribute new content when able, but I haven't the time lately to spend nearly as much time as I would like doing anything other than reading here.

Personal philosophyEdit

Everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs about how the world works. Here are a few of mine:

  • Principles are important. It is important not to back down from something—anything—when it is a matter of principle.
  • Doing the right thing is important, even if it is technically contrary to law in a particular legal system.
  • Freedom is worth fighting for, in every way. Citizens in the United States have given up various freedoms, time and time again, “for the country,” which if you ask me, is too high a price.
  • Helping others learn and grow is important, for I was once a young, ignorant, and small-minded individual. In some ways, I suppose I still am. But, just as those ahead of me on the path have helped me, those behind me on the path should be able to receive my help.
  • Censorship is evil, for it is the beginning of oppression in other ways. As I stated above, freedom is worth fighting for; in many cases, freedom is paramount.

Given these tidbits, a few things can be reasonably guessed about me:

  • While I am knowledgeable in what Windows is, and how to use it, I am not a user of it. I use a distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. My preferred flavor at this point is Ubuntu. In the past, I have used Linux Mint, Gentoo, and Slackware, though I have predominately used Slackware from 1996 to 2004, and Ubuntu since then.
  • I do not like proprietary software in any capacity. I avoid it at (almost) all costs; one exception is the binary driver for my NVIDIA graphics board. I use no other proprietary software in my daily work, and often if I use something that is proprietary it is to study it. I have been known to tinker with ReactOS from time to time.
  • I am a freelancer, so I don’t have the money that I would like to have; however, I support projects I like in whatever ways I can. Usually, this means indirectly, but it is what I am capable of doing.

What am I currently doing?Edit

Well, that varies. Today I work on various projects, including AllTray. I also contribute to other various free software projects, mostly when I run into something that needs doing. I will work on proprietary software for pay, and am currently engaged in one such (presently full-time) project.