Hello and welcome to my homepage!

I am an electronic engineer, Wikipedian since July 2002, and ever since the 1970s I have been busy with microprocessors, designing micropocessor based electronic equipment. In fact, in 1980 or so, I designed one of the first Dutch Microcomputers, called the ASTER CT-80. It was a TRS-80 clone, that could also run CP/M. Since then I have been interested in the history of computers. I own an extensive library with German, Dutch, British and American computer magazines. For example an (almost) complete complete collection of BYTE magazine. I also collect old homecomputers of which I have between 80 and 90 (I lost count), with my oldest computer being a Datapoint 2200, which is considered the oldest system that can be considered a Personal Computer, and which CPU architecture has Insipred the architecture of Intels first 8-bit CPU, the Intel 8008. A CPU architecture which Successors are still used in the CPU's of all PC's (and now Mac's too).

Some of the articles I createdEdit

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I did much more, and older stuff, (the oldest may well be the article about my Aster CT-80) but I have to stop somewhere with this list.