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enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
en-5This user can contribute with a professional level of English.
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This Wikipedian joined Wikipedia on March 19, 2006 (13 years, 6 months, 4 weeks and 1 day ago).
Stop hand.svgThis user maintains a strict policy advising against all personal attacks.
Unbalanced scales.svgThis user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.

ACMThis user is a member of the ACM
Glider.svgThis user is a hacker, not a cracker. Know the difference!
Plato-raphael.jpgThis user is an academic.
Glider.svgThis user is a hacker, or identifies with and promotes the hacker ethic.
This user is a Member of the IEEE Computer Society.
IEEEThis user is a member of the IEEE.

Portal.svgThis user is a member of the AWWDMBJAWGCA
ACADEMIC JOURNALThis user has had his/her work published in an academic journal.
Dr. Walter E. Strahm Consulting 02.jpgThis user is an IT/Management Consultant.
Gnome-utilities-terminal.svgThis user is a Computer Scientist.
Plato-raphael.jpgThis user has published peer-reviewed articles in academic journals.
Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.svgThis user is an educator.
Sciences humaines.svgThis user teaches at a university or other institution of higher education.
Old book bindings.jpgThis user is a bibliophile.
15-inch-titanium-powerbook.jpgThis user is a systems analyst.
Nuvola apps display.pngThis user is a software engineer.
Nuvola apps display.pngThis user is a code monkey.
Computer n screen.svgThis user is interested in computer science.
INFThis user is an informatician.

Book3.svg This user is an autodidact in a wide range of subjects that he or she never took in school or college.
ScalesOfJusticeAndWreath.svgThis user has a Bachelor of Laws LLB (Hons).
BSc (Hons)This user has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours.
Morpho menelaus.pngThis user is a biologist.
Fx This user is interested in the natural sciences.
Scale of justice.svgThis user is interested in law.
Adelaide Convention Centre.jpgThis user comes from Adelaide, South Australia.
Face-angel.svgThis user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
Gnome-help.svgThis user helps out newcomers.
FlindersThis user attends or attended Flinders University.
UAThis user attends or attended the University of Adelaide.
UniSAThis User attends or attended the University of South Australia
Flag of South Australia.svgThis user lives in South Australia.
Australia Locator Blank.svgThis user lives in Australia.
Wikignome crop.gifThis editor is a WikiGnome.

prog-3This user is an advanced programmer.
bash-3This user is an advanced Bash programmer.
BASIC-3This user is an advanced BASIC programmer.
C-3This user is an advanced C programmer.
COBOL-3This user is an advanced COBOL programmer.
js-3This user is an advanced JavaScript programmer.
SQL-3This user is an advanced SQL programmer.
Java-2This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
Ada-2This user is an intermediate Ada programmer.
vb-2This user is an intermediate Visual Basic programmer.
vbs-2This user is an intermediate VBScript programmer.
py-2This user is an intermediate Python programmer.
mysql-2This user is an intermediate MySQL programmer.
asm-2This user is an intermediate assembly language programmer.
MOO-2This user is an intermediate MOO programmer.
pas-2This user is an intermediate Pascal programmer.
C++-2This user is an intermediate C++ programmer.
lisp-2This user is an intermediate Lisp programmer.
MAT-1This user is a beginner MATLAB programmer.
mircs-1This user is a beginning mIRC scripter.
Perl-1This user is a beginning Perl programmer.
Mathematica Logo.svg-1This user is a beginner Mathematica programmer.
for-1This user is a beginning Fortran programmer.
ST-1This user is a beginner Smalltalk programmer.
Tcl-1This user is a beginning Tcl scripter.
pro-1This user is a beginner Prolog programmer.
C#This user can program in C#
RThis user can program in R.
Lambda lc.svgThis user is a beginning Scheme programmer.

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