User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes

This user would like you to know that they have no idea what they are doing and you are welcome to help them do it (whatever that might be).

User boxesEdit

This is where the userbox archive exists on my page. You are invited to help me make it better if you have any good ideas. The Userbox Preservation section contains userboxes that were migrated here and I am proud to look after them.


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{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/AS}}
 This user lives with Ankylosing spondylitis.


This user would have started a politics section but found that there is already a really good one over here.

Jack DentEdit

Not knowing Jack DentEdit

The chances are that you have no idea what this "Jack Dent" business is about. Feel free to revel in your lack of understanding with me.

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{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/Who Is Jack Dent}}
This user would like to know:
Who is Jack Dent?
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/I don't know Jack Dent}}
This user doesn't know Jack Dent
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/I don't care Jack Dent}}
This user doesn't care who the $@#% Jack Dent is!!
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/Jack Dent scares me}}
This user feels just slightly
frightened of this Jack Dent.

Jack Dent, otherEdit

Really? Well, okay then. If you really think you know more than those that don't here are the userboxes that you might need. Good luck with that. Perhaps someone might like to add, you know, actual graphics to these user boxes.

Code Result
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/Is Jack Dent aka Jackson Dent}}
This user suspects Jack Dent:
is AKA Jackson Dent
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/I have ideas about Jack Dent}}
This user has Jack Dent theories
Let me tell you about them
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/I don't care Jack Dent B}}
This user doesn't want to hear your $@#% Jack Dent theory!
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/Not Jack Dent}}
This user is not the Jack Dent you are looking for.
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/I am Jack Dent}}
This user might need help
as they think that they are (or might be) the Jack Dent.
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/There is no Jack Dent}}
But there is no Jack Dent (look).

Userbox PreservationEdit

(Previousely called "other" - observant users might notice that this is a rather lazy catch all). I did not make these fine userboxes but I am proud to be hosting them nevertheless.

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{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/Pants}}
This user knows
pants is a rude word.
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/Stroke My Ego}}
  This user may be a tad sensitive and would like their ego stroked please.
{{User:Lord Matt/UserBoxes/monarch}}
  This user is a monarch, or a megalomaniac.

Other UserboxesEdit