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Thanet Star
Founder(s)Matthew Brown
Editor-in-chiefMatthew Brown
Associate editorI. Adams
LanguageBritish English

Thanet Star is a crowd funded[1][2] weblog[3] edited and written a number of people[4] from Thanet.[5] It's subject matter focuses primarily on the politics of Thanet and the surrounding area[6] particularly grassroots campaigns centered on Thanet District Council policy.[citation needed]

It's writers occasionally contribute to the Thanet Gazette[7] on behalf of the site.

In 2008 Justin Williams an Assistant Editor at the Telegraph Media Group[8] indicated the blog in a short list of the last few places with true journalism in Thanet.[9][10][11] Thanet Star was listed on Williams "Map of the UK’s independent local news sites"[12] in 2009[13].

Although aimed at a UK audience the server for Thanet Star was hosted in Wisconsin[14] until 2017. The domain was first registered in May 2007. It is listed in the independent Thanet blogs List.[15]

The blog attempts to enact the Bloggers Code of Conduct originally proposed by Tim O'Reilly[16] in the year the blog was founded. This is mostly due due to the perception of hostility in Thanet blogging[17].


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