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Thanet Creative
Legal statusCharity
  • United Kingdom
Matthew Brown

Thanet Creative is an unincorporated charitable association based in Thanet[1]. The current chair (and founder) is Matthew Brown.

Purpose and charitable objectiveEdit

The charity exists to support projects that promote creativity (especially all forms of creative writing) in and around Thanet[2][3]. Thanet Creative, as a Charity, is a community-driven enterprise[4]. It is run by the members for both members and non-members alike. However, members gain access to a number of benefits unique to our members.

Thanet Creative focuses on supporting[5] and encouraging people in creative pursuits[6].


The organisation formally know as Thanet Creative Writers[7][8] was founded in 2013[9]. Thanet Creative Writers formed as a gathering of like-minded writers in Matthew Brown’s living room[10].

When they outgrew that space, we met at various venues around Thanet before settling on the Chaple pub in Broadstairs and temporarily dropping the word “creative” from their name. When they added the word "creative" back to their name a few people decided to continue on their own with the shorter name.

In 2017 the group adopted a charitable constitution becoming a charity[11]. At the first AGM in September of that year, the members voted to shorten their name to Thanet Creative.

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