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Pet articlesEdit

These are articles that I edit or watch and check upon from time to time.

PHP RelatedEdit


I quite like this package (NucleusCMS) and feel it deserves a good quality write up.

NucleusCMS derivative Blog:CMSEdit

I did not especially approve of this package but felt that it should be monitored. It's gone now so I might have been right...

Orbit42 Base ClassEdit

Orbit42-Base: given that the project it talks about is one I started I feel a little fondness for this page even if it has now been moved to user pages for incubation due to lack of notability.


Inherently funny wordEdit

I put a lot of work into getting the quality of this article up and feel a deep emotional attachment to it. Please help me make it a great article.

Red Sun RevivalEdit

A band that I feel might be significant enough to warrant it's own page. This is something I'll start on a sub page and see where we go from there.

Thanet StarEdit

A great local blog for Thanet.