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Matt's PoliticsEdit

I believe that politics have no place in Wikipedia aside from as the subject of NPOV articles. That said I am a party member, I lean left and libertarian nd I may have bias that I am unaware of. Please be gentle if you spot any.


Now that it has been brought up I should point out that my hard core Labour friends call me a "Tory boy" while my hard core conservative friends accuse me of being a lefty. Where do I actually stand?

I stand nowhere especially. I do not, never have, nor, in all likelihood, ever will classify easily. This is because I believe in judging each issue on its merits rather than taking the BS approach that one set of solutions will be suitable to all problems. I do not believe in magic bullets.

Update: I have since joined a political party and that has got nothing to do with Wikipedia.

I like facts, logic and a little mysticism from time to time. I believe in doing good, helping others and forgiving the failings of those others to the limit of my humanity. This later approach is not always easy and it would sometimes be easier to hate some people passionately rather than, once the rage is gone, pitying them for being such narrow minded and/or pathetically short-sighted people - this might additionally be a shortcoming of mine.

I also believe in freedom from oppression, freedom of speech and freedom from injustice.

In short, I stand left, right and in the middle.