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All about the user called Lord Matt.Edit

All about me
YOU This user is Time magazine Person of the Year 2006.
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My name is Matt and I joined Wikipedia on some time or other (2005 or before). The username I chose is a long and not so interesting story that is more a running joke among friends than anything else. I live in the UK.

I am sometimes interested in Wikipedia for itself but also sometimes very interested in creating good content, depending on mood. I am quite keen on things like facts and unbiased ones at that. I consider myself to be a learner.

I remain interested in creating pages of funny stuff on other websites (where it is suitable), some of which may, or may not be powered by a Wikimedia or NucleusCMS. However, some topics I feel I should contribute to or at least keep an eye on. I try to read the guidelines and act within them. If I cock up (and I will sooner or later) please feel free to send me a polite message so I can correct my error.

I am British (duh) and as a certain angry conservative councillor chose to reveal I live in Margate and my surname is Brown (thanks for that privacy buster (Dr M----), not!).

It is unsurprising, then, that I often check in on articles about the local area adding to them rarely if something obvious is absent. Likewise, areas of professional interest such as PHP, SEO, and web development.

Debate: While I can bite my tongue, I find personal attacks to be only an indication of the stupidity of the attacker. I also freely admit to not being perfect but nevertheless strive to one day achieve such a status knowing that the attempt is doomed but will make me a better person even so.

Editing StyleEdit

Editing Style
 This user reserves the right to completely screw up his own edits.
 This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
?This user likes to browse random articles, and make helpful edits whenever they can.
 This user likes to steal wikimarkup code for use on their own userpage.
This user does not understand the International Phonetic Alphabet.
 This user maintains a userbox archive in his user space.

This users editing style is best described as undefined.

My general approach is to make edits where I see I am able to improve things. this might include but not be limited to areas I know lots about, areas I know nothing about, and articles that irritate me so much I need to smooth them out a bit. I maintain an essay in progress regarding Editorial Concepts.

I maintain a userbox archive in my userspace. Userboxes are fun and I like to overuse them. So much so that there is no room here for any other sidebar like templates.

I like to make many small edits and may then go back and edit my edits if I am less than happy with them. I use the preview feature a lot to stop this becoming really unhelpful.

Still LearningEdit

This user is discovering just how much they don't know about their own language.

Recently (2017) I discovered everything I knew about commas was wrong. I have, henceforth, endeavoured to learn how to use them properly. I am probably still wrong. Please feel free to gently educate me.

Special NoteEdit

Special notes
IThis user is a person, and nothing else matters.
 This user is neurodivergent.
DYSThis user is Dyslexic.
K.O.This user is Dyslexic!
Dyslexia Rules K.O.!!
 This user supports Autism and Asperger's awareness.
This user proudly confuses right and left.
 This user lives with Ankylosing spondylitis.
 This user may be a bit eccentric, but is definitely not demented.

I am certified Dyslexic and most likely Dyspraxic. That has nothing to do with anything and is here only because I feel like putting it here. The side effect of this is that I make silly spelling mistakes and like to be a touch verbose sometimes. Generally, thanks to modern technology, most of my spelling and grammar errors are caught before I publish anything.

I use Grammarly extensively.

Please do not hesitate to correct my spelling. I find that very helpful.

Dyslexia and Dyspraxia are disabilities that you cannot see and while it often comes with an elevated IQ (133 give or take in my case) it does mean that seemingly random things are harder (encoding can present issues for me). As such if you notice my making a mistake I would be grateful if you would make a simple correction as we are all editors (in the event that this is not possible just leave me a note on my talk page).

People that mock other people because of their disabilities are by self-given-evidence cads of the highest order with all the intelligence of a dead starfish. I take the view that such people are lower than scum and make the devil's own arse crack seem positively pleasant. On the whole, it is safe to say that I would not like such people, having no time for bullies.

Additionally, I suffer from all sorts of physical health problems which all pretty much just suck.

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Other Stuff
This user maintains a blog.
This user knows
pants is a rude word.
This user feels just slightly
frightened of this Jack Dent.
  This user believes that "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players".

Lord Matt runs a domain called where he exhibits anything from coding to views on TV or politics as he sees fit. He has a strange wiki which you might like.

Not only that but I write for lots of blogs and I use different names. I use the online handle "Lord Matt" because prior to a certain Thanet Tory's name-dropping episode it offered a little protection of my privacy and still does (only less so). I also use the name Matt B (also MattB) when the niche in question is less tolerant of Geek Humour.

This user is also the Editor-in-chief and founder of Thanet Star.

This user sometimes talks about themselves in the third person. This is because it is fun to do so.


This user supports the Liberal Democrats.

This user believes that people should be able to vote with heart and mind and therefore opposes FPTP. Additionally due to a belief in evidence-based policy currently is a strong Liberal Democrat supporter. Due to a very strong desire for accuracy and facts, this political position in unlikely to influence edits.

Litriture and ArtEdit

Writing and reading
This user has Jack Dent theories
Let me tell you about them
This user suspects Jack Dent:
is AKA Jackson Dent
This user enjoys the works of
J. R. R. Tolkien.
CSL This user enjoys the works of C.S. Lewis.
 This user enjoys writing.
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 This user reads science fiction.
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 This user enjoys SF.
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 This user will move to a GSV at the first opportunity.
1.618... This user is under the influence of Philip K. Dick.

This user have survived about 5 Predicted Apocalyptic Events!
.sdrawkcab si resu sihT
This user would like to know:
Who is Jack Dent?
  This user may be a tad sensitive and would like their ego stroked please.
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