This bot needs your help:

Multiple problems occur when the bot performs task #1. You can find these problems at the Authority control validator. Feel free to solve the problems. The list is updated automatically by the bot. You can find more information at the WikidataProject Authority control.

As preparation for task #3 the Persondata data set was copied to Kaspar's Persondata tool. This tool aims to help with the migration of the remaining data to Wikidata. Feel free to help with there.


  1. remove redundant Authority control information and copy them to Wikidata (→ RfA)
  2. add {{Authority control}} to articles with AC information on Wikidata (→ RfA)
  3. remove {{Persondata}} from all articles after this template was deprecated (completed, → RfA)


The bot uses the self-written Kaspar framework. The code is accessible on GitHub.