My languages are English, French and traditional and simplified Chinese, but I speak limited French only. Even though I do not really understand Japanese or Korean language, I can read some Japanese kanji and Korean hanja based on Chinese hanzi.

My website at was permanently closed on 26 October 2009. Archived versions may be found at*/ but information there will not be updated. A few web pages are being republished at . If you cannot use Special:EmailUser/Jusjih, an electronic mail may be sent to:

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American Customary Units are even more complex than Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese systems of measurement, so it is no wonder why it is called "WOMBAT", "way of measuring badly in America today" or "waste of money, brain, and time". As metric is excellent, I would like to say:

en: "Long Live the International System of Units!"
fr: « Vive le Système international d'unités ! »
zh-CN: “国际单位制万岁!”
zh:TW: 「國際單位制萬歲!」


Since becoming an administrator on 26 October 2006 here, I watch Special:Uncategorizedimages where images likely have copyright problems. Problem images have been tagged per instructions at Wikipedia:Images and media for deletion and Wikipedia:Possibly unfree images to enforce the copyright policy. I pay special attention to anonymous edits to image descriptions where vandalism has been very rampant. I have no interest in becoming a bureaucrat here.

Respecting copyright is important, but excessive copyright protection means cultural vandalism. Please visit American non-acceptance of the rule of the shorter term on Meta for more information. Claiming fair use with good rationales is still possible here.


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At Wikimedia Commons, I am an administrator since 18 April 2006 and a bureaucrat since 24 September 2006. As I enforce the copyright policy there, I also remove links here for images deleted there. If you wonder what have happened to disappeared images, please note my edit summaries like "- image deleted from Commons for" no source, no license, and so on. My accounts at other Wikipedia language subdomains are generally for image replacement per Wikimedia Commons.

I am also an administrator at English Wikisource and Multilingual Wikisource. Before transwikiing a source text out of here, please try to determine its copyright status. Fair use is possible here but not there.

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  • On 19 August 2007, Hpfan9374 awarded to my talk page the Chain Barnstar of Recognition, the Chain Barnstar of Merit, the Chain Barnstar of Diligence, the Wikipedian's Chain Barnstar of Honour, but these Barnstars were not free and others considered them spams.
  • On 6 November 2007, hbdragon88 awarded to my talk page the Special Barnstar for a super awesome effort (calling twice and emailing) in trying to clarify the license of the Lorelei7 images. The manual tag below is copied from my talk page. I have finally got Lorelei7, the same as Lorelei (bondage model), to explain what exactly "My company, Open Mind Media, Inc., has ownership and copyright of this image. The image is provided for educational/informational use at" then tagging GFDL would mean. Happily, all of these images are now hosted on Wikimedia Commons with OTRS ticket number noted.
  The Special Barnstar
For a super awesome effort (calling twice and emailing) in trying to clarify the license of the Lorelei7 images. hbdragon88 05:50, 6 November 2007 (UTC)


I never upload free-use images here if admissible in Wikimedia Commons. My uploads here are: