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Wikipedia philosophiesEdit


The vast plurality of my edit summaries are "remove non-notable(s)". I encounter and remove these non-notables most frequently in film casts, in lists of alumni of schools. given or surnames, or residents of localities. In fact, when reading a biography, I often click on the links to their high schools or hometowns because these are often little trafficked and thus likely targets for vandalism of the addition of non-notable persons variety.

The addition of non-notable persons to lists undermines the credibility of the whole encyclopedia project and they must be removed. The tricky part is when a non-blue link has an external reference. I hold that they are still non-notable and remove them. If some alumni is the president of some company, and there is a link to his or her bio saying he or she is the president and a graduate of whatever, great! Their family must be very proud but they are still non-notable. The ref such as it is only proves their existence.

The most insidious inclusion of non-notables is in film casts. The rule of thumb and per MOS is that only named characters should be included (except for stylized works where the or a main character is just "The Man" or otherwise unnamed) and this list should be kept to around a dozen. Occasionally a work will have a large ensemble cast and the large cast size is itself notable and 20 or 30 names could be appropriate. But in this case they should all at least be blue links. Just being a large ensemble cast is no reason to list the hotel maid with one line or the man in the bank who is in the line in front of the robber. If there are more than two cameos, they should be broken out into a subsection rather than clutter the cast list.

Authorship and voiceEdit

"Also" is one of the worst words encountered on Wikipedia. It's probably fair to say that 90–95% of its instances it should be deleted. It usually takes the form of person A had done thing B in 2015. This was in their Wikipedia article. Later, A does thing C. Person D comes to Wikipedia and sees that A is only getting credit for having done B. Rectifying this post haste D edits to say "Also A did C in 2016" instead of the wildly assertive alternative, namely, "A did C in 2016". This is both annoying and also horrible writing. It makes the encyclopedia look like shit. It either gives off a vibe of non-singular voice or a hyperactive child reciting what they did at the playground. "Also" is rarely encountered once, and I may come across it eight times in a row in a career section which is probably why I find it so annoying.


This should never be used to obfuscate the article title. There are no points for being cute. It is perfect for removing the clarifying Ys from X(Y) wikilinks. It is debatable for the [[thing (film)|film of the same name]]. It is wrong for [[Mister Guy|his father]]. It should be written, "his father, [[Mister Guy]],". One of the most confounding edits I have to make is when people make a wikilink to a redirect and then pipe to the proper article namespace. This is one of the most wrong things that could ever be. It seems like it must be a mistake, but it happens all the time. Further, maybe Wikipedia can do a better job putting this in the new users "Hey! Here's how to do stuff!" thingy, but people pipe to make a plural or italicize instead of adding the s after the closing ]] or the ''s around the double brackets.

Created theseEdit


But just made significant(?) edits to theseEdit

Adam Devine
Adam Herschman
Al Leong
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Andrea Gardner
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Baruch College
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Blake Anderson
Brad Lander
Brian Dawkins
Broad City
Bumpy Johnson
Carlos Ruiz (baseball)
Cheltenham High School
CUNY Graduate Center
Darcus Howe
Demolition Man (film)
Dominican Creole French
El Dorado (1966 film)
Eva Moskowitz
Exit Wounds
Feniosky Peña-Mora
Five Days of War
Florida State League
Frank Fitzpatrick
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Girl 6
Government of New York City
Grown Ups 2
High five
Hip hop music in the Pacific Northwest
His Dark Materials
Hoodlum (film)
House of Pain
Ja Rule
Jahlil Okafor
James F. Capalino
Joe LaPorta
Joe Lhota
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Josefa Segovia
Julia R. Masterman School
Khader El-Yateem
Knicks–Nuggets brawl  
Kyle Korver
Letitia James
Lilliam Barrios-Paoli
List of English words of Yiddish origin
List of French expressions in English
List of most common surnames in Asia
List of tallest buildings in Brooklyn  
List of the most common surnames in Europe
Luis Da Silva
Malibu's Most Wanted
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MF Doom
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New York University  
Nick Kroll
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Point Break
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Rafe (given name)
Rick Famuyiwa
Robert Jackson (politician)
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The State (TV series)
Stephanie Gatschet
Stephen Rannazzisi
Steve Oedekerk
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The Ducky Boys gang
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Twenty-one (basketball)
University of Scranton
Wilt Chamberlain  
Working Families Party
Ydanis Rodríguez
Zack Taylor (celebrity blogger)
Zicklin School of Business


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