What I editEdit

Mostly articles about my home state (Washington State) and alma mater (Iowa State University).

I grew up in central Washington State and as a wildland firefighter and nature buff, I spent a lot of time exploring my surroundings. I have contributed to articles to help others learn more about this amazing piece of God's creation, known as the North Cascades.

I moved to central Iowa to attend Iowa State University. I've worked for Iowa State University in a number of capacities which has given my a substantial knowledge of campus buildings and athletics. Though Iowa State is not the easiest team to cheer for, I'm a Cyclone fan till the day i die.

Here is before and after of one article I've worked on. Before: [1] and after Iowa State Cyclones.


Pictures that I've taken and submitted to Wikipedia for public domain. Though not required under law, I do respecfully ask for credit to be given to me for use of photos outside of wikipedia. Name can be found by clicking on the photo. Additional pictures can be found here

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