My user page is really out of date & some of the info/links are no longer valid. I need to work on that. (February 2017)

Just a quick intro. My name's James Glendinning. I'm a Maryland & Florida-based photographer who also works in sales & marketing for alcoholic beverages.

I got in to Wikipedia for practice, I edit a few articles related to fannish & political/social interests, and do some new page patrol. I like to help new people find issues with their pages so they can be addressed.

I'm something of a trivia, sci-fi, horror, pro wrestling, and comic geek. Along with my professional areas of expertise those are topics I'm likely to comment on. I'm also a grammar fanatic. Most of my time is spent fixing spelling, typos, misplaced punctuation and the like.

I decided to make an account so I could do more formal work on Wikipedia, and as practice for being chief editor of an upcoming photography & modeling Wiki at a site I'm working on with others from the internet modeling/photography realm (Model Insider, link below).

I also am a Wiki editor at Zombiepedia, TVTropes thatguyyouknowthatguy, Rockypedia (the Rocky Horror Show/Rocky Horror Picture Show fan wiki), and manage the Wiki at Model Insider (currently inactive).