USS Constution sails again! 1997

I am an Eagle Scout. My Eagle Scout card was signed by Jimmy Carter.

I have a SB in Computer Science and Engineering from a small, but well known, technical school on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have an MS in Computer Engineering from a school better known for basketball than engineering.

I work with computer systems(Unix) and networks(IP and ATM). All too often I play with them as well.

I sail. I learned to sail at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. I sail primarily on a 44' ketch, recently out of Charlestown, Massachusetts, formerly out of Cold Spring Harbor, New York. I also kayak and row.

I am interested in things naval and nautical. I am some sort of distant relation to Commodore Isaac Hull a famous Captain of the USS Constitution. I am an amateur photographer. Perhaps unsurprisingly I frequently photograph ships and other military hardware.

The USS Constitution photo to the right isn't one of mine, but I'm in it. In the background, over the Consitution's jib you will see a blue hulled sloop. Immediately in front of that sloop is a Boston Whaler with four people in it. I'm the tall dot in the back! You might be able to see me better in the Navy's hi-rez copy. I do have many of my photos of the Constitution from that weekend on HazeGray.

I have lived most of my life in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA. My present ICBM locator is: 40°08′N 75°30′W / 40.133°N 75.500°W / 40.133; -75.500 (Did I mention I grew up during the Cold War?)

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I have been a Wikipedia editor long enough to have needed to take a break or two, may ${DIETY} have mercy upon my soul.


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Below are some of the most recent uploads of images that I have created and uploaded to Wikipedia or the Commons. They are roughly in reverse upload order. Dates are for the image capture, not the upload. I keep a gallery of my older submissions.

I have also uploaded many public domain images, primarily ships, and a few fair use images. If you spot any other self made images that I don't list here or in the older submissions gallery, please tell me.

Self made image licensingEdit

I hearby license any self created images I've uploaded to Wikipedia solely under the following license:

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

If you spot any of my images with an older or different license, please bring it to my attention so I may update it.


Check out what I'm working on in my Sandbox .

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