Dear everybody.

My name is Mike. I live in a house. It has windows and doors, floors, a ceiling and a roof. Sometimes I leave the house and go to other places. Usually I come back sooner or later, and often I go out again having returned prior to leaving.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand, where I recently completed a Master of Science, in Computer Science, at Victoria University. Now I work as a software developer and people pay me money. When I'm not working though, I spend a lot of time divided between playing Ultimate, and getting involved in the local amateur astronomy scene. My current aim is to get much more involved in tramping, primarily to get a better look at some of the awesome places around New Zealand.

Stuff I've doneEdit

I'm generally happy to roam around randomly, helping to tidy up pages, fix grammar and things every so often where it looks like it's needed. The articles that I spend the most time on and contribute to more majorly tend to be in topics related to astronomy. For instance:

Other articles I've had a significant influence on have been:

Stuff I'd like to doEdit

Stuff I'd like to remember about for laterEdit