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Exquisite ImagesEdit

Exquisite is a part of the Xp_Mad icon set created byMimin Ladha.


Nuvola is a free software icon set under the GNU LGPL 2.1, drawn by David Vignoni. See also full category.

GNOME Desktop iconsEdit

This is subset of GNOME Desktop icons.

Nuvola 2.0+Edit

Project Nuvola 2.0+ contains interesting flag icons, but also some other icons.

Noia iconsEdit

Noia icons or Noia 64 apps are icons created by Carlitus. Set contains about 350 icons in png format (64x64px).

Tango projectEdit

Tango icons are similar to GNOME Desktop icons. There are about 350 icons in this category. Icons are in svg format.

Crystal Clear iconsEdit

My favorite icon set Crystal Clear, created by Everaldo. Part of sets collection. There are about 550 icons in this category. There are sets in png and sets in svg format.

Vista iconsEdit

Vista icon set is created by There are about 150 icons in this category. Icons are in png format (128x128px).

Vote symbolsEdit

Vote symbols are part of Wikimedia icons. There are very nice images in svg format in many colors, options and variants.


There are couple of interesting pages with emoticons or smilies. Those are: Category Smilies, Wikipedia Emoticons & Category Emoticons. Some of them are part of other icon sets (Tango, Gnome, Crystal Clear or SMirC), some of them are small 22px png images, some are large png and there are svg icons, but in total about 300 images.

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