Hi! I'm a student of Mathematics.


You are always welcome to write me an email (which is checked on a weekly basis) or leave me a public message!

Meeting onlineEdit

• IRC: irc.penguinfriends.org #Inyuki (Mindey)
• ICQ:133524728 (Mindey)
• QQ 99237911
• Y!Japan: ix4i
• Homepage: [mindey.com]


• Name: Indriunas, Mindaugas
• HomePage: http://mindey.com
Originally from: Area N 6 E 3


Interesting usersEdit

I come from area N 6 E 3. I have been with Wikipedia since June 4, 2003. My lifetime research interests are the Universe and it's origin (it's structural aspect). I have been studying physics for a short while, but changed my field to mathematics because physics has no model which can explain the earliest moments of the Universe's existence. I have hopes to understand it by answering the Leibniz's question of why something exists rather than nothing.


1. What are your recent activities?Edit


2. What does your nickname mean?Edit

I explain it here: http://concept.wikia.com/wiki/Inyuki_(1)

3. What question you are most curious about?Edit

How did the Universe came into existence?

4. What do you think of singularitarianism?Edit

I think the concept of technological singularity is really worth exploring, and the singularity itself is very promissing. Also, I agree very much on creating a superior machine intelligence before creating the nanotechnology to avoid it's dangers.

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