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"Finding out that pine cones are Frenchmen in clever disguise would revolutionize our understanding of biology, physics, pretty much everything. It would be a stunning discovery of astonishing impact. This doesn't mean it is an open problem whether pine cones are Frenchmen in clever disguise or that it would make sense to attempt to show they are."   — Aatu Koskensilta in sci.math

About myself

I am, as of this writing, an undergraduate mathematics student living in Helsinki, Finland. I am currently working on my MSc thesis on the cluster approximations of cellular automaton models in mathematical biology. I have been an active poster on Usenet since 1996, and (occasionally) maintain a personal web site (see below). My past and current interests include, in no particular order:

I have contributed to a number of articles as IP prior to registering this account.


Articles I've started

This is a list of new articles I've added to Wikipedia. Feel free to improve them!

Second order cellular automaton, Block cellular automaton
My first new articles. They started off as additions to cellular automaton, but that article is already so long that I decided to split them off.
Darwin (programming game)
A predecessor of Core War. Earlier versions incorrectly identified the two games. I corrected the claim, and created a separate article for the original game.
Base 36
Someone decided to name this numeral system after himself and create a vanity article about it. I caught it on Special:Newpages, nominated it for deletion and, since no proper article existed on the subject, decided to start one.
Dental drill
I wanted to link to this article from the reference desk but discovered that it didn't exist. I decided it was easier to start it myself than to request that someone else do it.
Electronic Frontier Finland
Finnish on-line civil rights organization. I'm a member, I figured the least I could do was start a stub for them.
van der Corput sequence
A low-discrepancy sequence over the unit interval.
Eurasian Least Shrew
The second-smallest mammal in the world after the Etruscan Pygmy Shrew.
Wolfram code
A brief explanation of this rather opaque way of numbering cellular automaton rules.
Wikipedia:Advice to AOL users
So you're an AOL user and you've just found yourself blocked from editing. What to do?
Fisher-Yates shuffle
A popular and efficient shuffling algorithm that dates back to 1938.
Bagheera kiplingi
The only (mostly) herbivorous spider known so far. (With thanks to Sarefo for turning my awkward stub into a real article.)

Articles I've worked on

Core War
Rewrote about half of the article. Still need to complete the job. Also recently started work on Redcode.
False morel
This article was a mess after multiple editors had added contradictory claims seemingly at random positions. I rewrote it and gyromitrin almost completely, trying to put the important part (don't eat them raw!) first.
Siberian Flying Squirrel
Translated from Finnish. Could use more references.

Article rescue

These are some articles I've spotted during new pages patrol or found on CAT:CSD and cleaned up and/or wikified. The diffs include my original improvements; often others have since picked up from where I left.


See User:Ilmari Karonen/Image gallery.


A template for creating simple HTML/CSS family trees using an ASCII art -like syntax.
A twisted little template for displaying star ratings in album infoboxes.

User scripts

Here are some user scripts I've written. See User:Ilmari Karonen/scripts for the full list, including obsolete and broken scripts.

Make the edit links on the Cologne Blue skin say simply "Edit" rather than "Edit this page". (Install at cologneblue.js.)
Admin-only: Tweak the predefined deletion reason drop-down menu to directly modify the summary text box.
Add a "Deletion log" link to the toolbox. Semi-obsolescent, as the deletion log is now automatically shown for non-existent pages.
editbutton user.js
Add a button for inserting {{user}} to the edit toolbar.
Add a "0" tab for editing the lead section of the page next to the "edit this page" tab.
Semi-automatically fix bad links to arXiv preprints. See documentation.
Semi-automatic helper script for sorting images tagged with {{Convert to SVG}} by type. FIXME: Been a while since I tested this, may or may not still work.
Semi-automatic helper script for sorting images in Category:Uploader unsure of copyright status. Works again, but somewhat useless since the category has been tagged with __NOGALLERY__.
Semi-automatic helper script for replacing links to JS subpages of User:User name, User:Your name or User:Example with links to Special:Mypage. Semi-obsolete, most instances that should be replaced have been.
Add "Google search" and "Yahoo! search" links to the toolbox, to search for non-Wikipedia mentions of the current page's title.
Add thumbnail images to WP:IFD and its subpages.
Optimized replacement for the "Live UTC clock" gadget.
Semi-automatic helper script for adding missing "Article" parameters to images in Category:Non-free images lacking article backlink. See documentation. Semi-obsolete, as the backlog in that category has been mostly cleared.
Add a toolbox link to Special:Prefixindex listing subpages of the current page.
Add a tab to purge the server page cache.
Add a toolbox link for IP user/talk/contributions pages to check the IP against multiple DNSBLs, courtesy of robtex.com. Useful for detecting open proxies, but needs some nontrivial interpretation. Semi-redundant, since a similar link is now provided in the page footer.
Add a tab to edit pages to do a regexp search-and-replace on the text.
Automatically prompt for a custom edit summary when clicking rollback links.
Silly script to rot-13 en/decode selected text on a page.
Add a drop-down menu to the search box to choose the namespace to search in
Make the "Your signature with timestamp" edit button use a real em dash.
Pop up a confirmation dialog if trying to save a talk page without signing your name.
Add "unwatch" links to each item in your watchlist.
Add a button to the watchlist edit page to select all non-existent pages for un-watching.
Add a toolbox link to Special:Userrights to user and user talk pages for showing the rights assigned to the user in question.
Adds a second submit button to the top of the watchlist edit page.
Adds a "Changes since last loaded" link to your watchlist, for keeping up with new changes.

To do

This is my personal shopping list of articles that are either missing or in need of improvement. By listing them here, I hopefully won't forget them so easily.

Missing diagrams:

MediaWiki improvements:


  Released into public domain  
I agree to release my text and image contributions, unless otherwise stated, into the public domain. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under public domain terms, please check the multi-licensing guide.
All rights released to all contributions
I agree to release all rights, unless otherwise stated, to all my contributions (both text and images) to the English Wikipedia, enabling anyone to use them for any purpose. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under free use terms, please check the Multi-licensing guide.

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