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Born8 September
Country Wales

Hello, I'm Iggy the Swan who is from Swansea, Wales. I have this username because it comes from the following two reasons. 'Iggy' is the name of a Mario Kart 8 character and Swan comes from the first four letters of the place of birth (right and this paragraph). Iggy is named after Iggy Koopa, who in turn was named after the singer Iggy Pop. A short note on Swansea, yes even though the football club play in England, it is in Wales so we should not get confused by that.

Iggy the Swan
Boisko.svgThis user is interested in a few football/soccer teams. Swansea City is the home team, but I am also like to find out how well others are going on such as in the Premier League with this team for example with the players they have and should also think the set of teams here have more popularity, all of which are in WSL.
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UpdateThis user likes to update statistics of Premier League BLPs through Soccerbase when it updates but takes a break from that
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MRYThis user does not like the vandalism by My Royal Young, especially on my talk page as it definitely disrupts Wikipedia. I don’t know why I have been spotted by the vandal in the first place
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HeroesThis user considers a list of a few heroes here, including the childhood hero Raven, Homer Simpson and a few others.
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MusicThis user considers pop music as one of my favourite forms of entertainment.

About myself

From 8 September 2017, the edits I've done has come from a few different areas on the site. The edits include the categories of Premier League football, non-violent films (e.g. from Pixar, Dreamworks), the Simpsons, TV quizzes, music, some games I have and the occasional LTA vandalism. Most of them are in the direction of football but I do edit out of that category. The user boxes to the right shows some of the likes/dislikes I have experienced during the time allocated there.

Association football

What I like about the football is the Premier League, the WSL and the World Cup/Euro competitions which happens every four years. In the Premier League, I do support this competition as a whole, though I wish Burnley to do well in the Europa League. Leicester & Huddersfield, the latter has surprised me to be honest. The remainder clubs are of neutral support to me. As for the WSL, I do tend to follow that 50% of the time, Arsenal, Chelsea & Man City being the clubs to follow here by me. The NWSL is one of a few football divisions to run in the Northern Hemisphere summer which is close as I can get to when the Premier League and other local football is taking a break from the end of the season.


Ok, this starts off with a bit of the time I wish I could go back into. One of my favourite TV show, started off in 2002, is the program called 'Raven', a BBC TV series on Children's BBC. This was due to the various challenges, the music and the catchphrase, said by Raven, "let the challenge ... begin". And I am also happy this program has been returning to broadcast, like the Crystal Maze for instance. Raven has a variety of challenges, some I can play along at home (quizzes only), the Demon Square challenge being one of my favourites as it tests our knowledge on a series on True or False questions.

Another one is titled 'Impossible', where there are impossible answers in the game. It was very good to think of something like that, impossible answers are known as the 'third dimension' on quizzes. A similarity between that and Raven would be, prior to the final of Impossible, would be lives, they would be lost if someone incorrectly answered.

Pop Music

This is mostly interesting in the way that the language spoken is mostly English (with the exception of Despacito). Not a huge fan of any individual, certain music is of good quality.

The Universe

The basics is how far I know about this huge place. The Solar System, galaxies, constellations and stars are that kind of knowledge of me. Other than that, things start to be advanced.

My Royal Young

I have been aware of the fact that there is a Long Term Abuse user who vandalises my talk page and some articles not relating to any of the above. It mostly happens when Wales is on the night side of the planet. I'd stopped updating the page when I found out it was getting tedious.

ClueBot NG

Sometimes I surf the contributions of the bot and I always feel a bit happy that my name is on there, as the version the bot has reverted to. (E.g. "Reverting possible vandalism by (vandal user) to version by Iggy the Swan.). I know that pages on my watchlist have been reverted by ClueBot everyday, I'd always like to thank it as vandalism is not good in my point of view, especially on my watchlist pages.

A full list of contributions that have my name on it is found here. This may take a long time.

Watchlist pages

This is a bit unique, as the list contains many categories. Some of them are in more than one category and they come in as follows:-

  • Footballers who have played in the clubs that I support/follow/home club through place of birth (Swansea City being my home club as they are based in Swansea)
  • A number of fellow/former Premier League/WSL/NWSL players and managers (not all of them though), some of them did not feature in the divisions
  • A few pages which contains the word "Iggy", "Swan" and content which features them
  • Some music pages of local origin and English speaking
  • Some pages which has the same first name as my real name (and shortened versions)
  • A few game shows and their presenters, including Raven (2002 TV series) which returned in December 2017
    • Also the one warrior who became an actress
  • Pages affected by sock puppetry (My Royal Young obviously included)
  • A few animals which are different naturally (Badger, meerkat, tortoise etc.)
  • Home city
  • The Simpsons articles (first 20 seasons) plus the characters

Edit milestones

1st edit (always welcome): updated international appearances on Sari van Veenendaal, who is the Atlético Madrid goalkeeper.

10th edit: "match" replacement on Alex Morgan, a popular page who plays in the NWSL for Orlando Pride.

50th edit: "match" replacement on Garry Monk, former Swansea manager/player, now at Sheffield Wednesday F.C..

100th edit: "match" replacement on Mark Birighitti, standby goalkeeper at Swansea, now in the Netherlands.

250th edit: update on Modou Barrow, former Swansea player, currently at Denizlispor on loan from Reading

500th edit: date formatting on Craig Gardner, of Birmingham City.

1000th edit: fixed reference on Oumar Niasse, currently at Everton F.C..

2018th edit: reverted incorrect document title on Leicester City F.C., a Premier League club

5000th edit (filled up my first contributions page when the maximum of 5000 edits per page is set): updates on the stats table on Luciano Narsingh, a Swansea player at the time. (This is no longer possible as it has been reduced to 500.)

10000th edit: Reverted vandalism on Tortoise.

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