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Did you know?Edit

  1.   ... that Riverside Park Dance Pavilion is one of the few remaining dance halls of its type in Nebraska? (July 18, 2013; Hits: 1,783)
  2.   ... that Richard Doty, an olfactory researcher, argues in The Great Pheromone Myth that human pheromones do not exist? (August 20, 2013; Hits: 2,727)
  3.   ... that the claim that over 80% of South Africans use traditional healers is greatly exaggerated according to Africa Check? (December 19, 2013; Hits: 901 + 270 = 1,171)
  4.   ... that in a survey of 270 Americans, none of them knew how global warming works? (December 27, 2013; Hits: 4,055)
  5.   ... that Ameer Abdullah decided to return for his senior year at Nebraska because "life is bigger than football"? (January 15, 2014; Hits: 2,136)
  6.   ... that termite-inspired robots may someday build a base for humans on Mars? (February 20, 2014; Hits: 4,237 + 571 = 4,808)
  7.   ... that the Missouri Department of Corrections believed that Cornealious Michael Anderson was in prison for 13 years, when he was actually living a normal life and raising a family? (February 24, 2014; Hits: 5,792 + 3,462 = 9,254)
  8.   ... that the multimedia project I, Too, Am Harvard seeks to express the personal experiences of black students at Harvard? (March 18, 2014; Hits: 1,533)
  9.   ... that the upper Oak creek descent ruts of the Woodbury cutoff, Ox Bow Trail of the California Road (pictured) were created from 1847 to 1860? (March 27, 2014; Hits: 1,471 + 2,942 = 4,413)
  10.   ... that Deadwood Draw (pictured) was a staging area for freight wagons carrying supplies to the Black Hills during the gold rush? (April 11, 2014; Hits: 2,191)
  11.   ... that Angie Epifano gained widespread media attention and millions of page views after she wrote an essay on her personal experience of sexual assault? (April 12, 2014; Hits: 2,418)
  12.   ... that Cassey Ho discovered an image of a model with a photoshopped thigh gap on Target's website? (April 28, 2014; Hits: 5,461)
  13.   ... that William T. Carneal was killed on Saipan on July 7, 1944, but his remains were not found until March 2013? (May 1, 2014; Hits: 5,107)
  14.   ... that American pioneers following the Oregon and California trails passed over O'Fallons Bluff on their way west during the 19th century? (May 2, 2014; Hits: 4,950)
  15.   ... that Tharanga Goonetilleke is the first Sri Lankan woman to attend the Julliard School, one of the world's leading music schools? (May 6, 2014; Hits: 1,049)
  16.   ... that the actors in Farmland are farmers and ranchers? (May 5, 2014; Hits: 2,516 )
  17.   ... that the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance commissioned a survey which found that 72% of consumers said they knew little or nothing about farming or ranching? (May 6, 2014; Hits: 847 + 754 = 1,641)
  18.   ... that Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel hold the Guinness World Record as the longest separated twins to be reunited? (May 18, 2014; Hits: 3,057)
  19.   ... that seven-year-old brain cancer patient Jack Hoffman (pictured) scored a touchdown for Nebraska and subsequently met with President Barack Obama? (June 9, 2014; Hits: 11,218 + 817 = 12,035)
  20.   ... that Korengal examines the military life and experiences of the same men who were in Restrepo? (June 11, 2014; Hits: 2,783)
  21.   ...that Catalan singer Silvia Perez Cruz's (pictured) songs have been described as a blend of music genres including fado, jazz improvisation, and flamenco? (June 16, 2014; Hits: daily 640 + 2,2732 = 3,372)
  22.   ... that developmental psychobiologist Jay S. Rosenblatt was described as the "father of mothering"? (June 25, 2014; Hits: 653)
  23.   ... that on June 13 the Tsavo Trust reported that Satao, one of the world's largest African elephants, was killed in Tsavo East National Park (elephants pictured) by a poacher's poisoned arrow? (June 25, 2014; Hits: 914)
  24.   ... that on June 13 the Tsavo Trust reported that Satao, one of the world's largest African elephants, was killed in Tsavo East National Park (elephants pictured) by a poacher's poisoned arrow? (June 25, 2014; Hits: 6,723)
  25.   ... that the documentary film Art Is... The Permanent Revolution features four artists creating politically-inspired art? (July 7, 2014; Hits: 409)
  26.   ... that Stations of the Elevated is about the graffiti movement in New York City? (July 6, 2014; Hits: 2,031)
  27.   ... that at 116 years of age, Gertrude Weaver is the oldest verified living American? (July 7, 2014; Hits: 5,308)
  28.   ... that after he and his family escaped Nazi Germany, Manfred Kirchheimer made a documentary film about graffiti on New York subway trains? (July 10, 2014; Hits: 1,365)
  29.   ... that Adrian P. Thomas's videotaped confession in the death of his four-month-old son is the center of a documentary film on coerced confessions, Scenes of a Crime? (July 18, 2014; Hits: 3,349)
  30.   ... that Adrian P. Thomas's videotaped confession in the death of his four-month-old son is the center of a documentary film on coerced confessions, Scenes of a Crime? (July 18, 2014; Hits: 1,545)
  31.   ... that the HIV virus reappeared in the Mississippi baby after she was thought to be cured? (July 18, 2014; Hits: 5,100)
  32.   ... that the documentary film We Were So Beloved asks, in the aftermath of the the Holocaust, whether survival is an end in itself? (July 20, 2014; Hits: 2,527)
  33.   ... that self-taught cartographer Aaron Carapella makes maps of the locations and names of Pre-Columbian indigenous tribes of North America circa 1490? (July 20, 2014; Hits: 2,138)
  34.   ... that the documentary film Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan begins with a horse standing alone in an empty Chicago street? (August 7, 2014; Hits: 2,296)
  35.   ... that Mo'ne Davis is the first girl to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history? (August 27, 2014; Hits: 4,754)
  36.   ... that the Sargent Bridge is one of the few early 20th-century steel truss bridges remaining in central Nebraska? (August 31, 2014; Hits: 2,293)
  37.   ... that Florence Nagle and Norah Wilmot were among the first women licensed as racehorse trainers in Britain, after Nagle won a Court of Appeal ruling in 1966? (November 11, 2014; Hits: 635)
  38.   ... that World War II veteran Lowell Steward was a childhood friend of Jackie Robinson? (December 30, 2014; Hits: 2,337)
  39.   ... that Bernard Gavrin was killed in the Battle of Saipan in 1944 but was not buried in Arlington National Cemetery until 70 years later? (December 30, 2014; Hits: 4,070)
    Nominated only
  40.   ... that the Sun Bowl Committee's decision to exclude David Showell from playing in the 1949 Sun Bowl based on his race led to demonstrations at Lafayette College against segregation? (May 22, 2014; Hits: 1,505)
  41.   ... that the Sun Bowl Committee's decision to exclude David Showell from playing in the 1949 Sun Bowl based on his race led to demonstrations at Lafayette College against segregation? (May 22, 2014; Hits: 1,721)


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Why isn't "use common sense" an official policy? It doesn't need to be; as a fundamental principle, it is above any policy. (see WP:COMMONSENSE)

False facts are highly injurious to the progress of science, for they often long endure; but false views, if supported by some evidence, do little harm, as every one takes a salutary pleasure in proving their falseness; and when this is done, one path towards error is closed and the road to truth is often at the same time opened (Darwin, The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex, p. 385) .[1]

A model is a lie that helps you see the truth. --Howard Skipper quoted in [2]

...our truth is the intersection of independent lies. (p. 423)[3]

Time is the school in which we learn.
Time is the fire in which we burn.[4]

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.[5]

  1. ^ Darwin, Charles, R. (1871). The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex (Volume 2). London: John Murray (1st Edition).
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  5. ^ "Blazing Saddles - My Mind Is A Raging Torrent".


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<ref> {{cite news|title=Charles Wingate Obituary|url=http://www.newspapers.com/clip/141558/the_new_york_timesnew_york_new/|newspaper=The New York Times|date=2 September 1909|page=9|via = [[Newspapers.com]]|accessdate = July 21, 2014 }} {{Open access}}</ref>
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<ref>{{Cite news |last= Brunt |title= Solidly GOP District Seeing Spirited Race; Shea's Views Seem to Provide Opening for Biviano |newspaper= [[The Spokesman-Review]] |subscription= yes |via=[[HighBeam Research]] |accessdate= February 10, 2014 |date= October 13, 2012 |first= Jonathan |url= http://www.highbeam/doc/1P2-33774539.html }}</ref>