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Featured ArticlesEdit

  • Tenebrae   I wrote the article from scratch and further expanded/tweaked it based on suggestions made during a peer review. It was featured on Wikipedia's Main Page on May 27, 2006, at which time it suddenly became hit by a concentrated orgy of juvenile vandalism. Several alert editors kept reverting back to my version of the article. My thanks to them!
  • Witchfinder General   Completely rewritten and greatly expanded from its former stub status. Thanks to all who copyedited and/or made valuable suggestions as to how to improve the article.
  • The Pit and the Pendulum   One of my favorite films. I created the article in June of 2006 and, after peer review and numerous tweaks, it was promoted to Good Article status in February 2007. After additional expansion, it was submitted for FA consideration on June 15, 2007 and subsequently promoted to FA on June 28, 2007.

Good ArticleEdit

  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God  I've greatly expanded/tweaked this beyond its initial stub-level quality. The article was nominated for Good Article status by Alientraveller, and after several helpful improvements suggested by Doctor Sunshine were incorporated, it was promoted to GA. Special thanks to Erik, who provided me w/numerous scholarly articles to utilize for any future expansion of the article.

B-Class Film ArticlesEdit

My articles (either written from scratch or greatly expanded from stub/start articles) on the following films have been rated as B-Class quality. I hope someday to have the time to expand them further to at least Good Articles:

  1. Black Sunday
  2. Blood and Black Lace
  3. Twitch of the Death Nerve
  4. Blood Bath
  5. Inferno
  6. Obsession
  7. Dementia 13
  8. The Shooting
  9. Planet of the Vampires

Other articles/stubs written by meEdit

  1. Tenebrae (soundtrack)
  2. Maitland McDonagh
  3. Irene Miracle
  4. Luana Anders
  5. The Flesh Eaters (film)
  6. The President's Analyst
  7. Lowlife (band)
  8. Permanent Sleep
  9. Diminuendo (album)
  10. Godhead (album)
  11. San Antorium
  12. Gush (album)
  13. From a Scream to a Whisper
  14. Eternity Road: Reflections of Lowlife 85–95
  15. The Lucy Show (band)
  16. ...undone
  17. Mania (The Lucy Show album)
  18. Open Doors, Closed Windows
  19. In Debt
  20. Technicolour (Disco Inferno album)
  21. The Mixing It Session
  22. The Hired Hand
  23. Luciano Tovoli
  24. Danny Peary
  25. Monte Hellman
  26. China 9, Liberty 37
  27. Carole Eastman
  28. Ib Melchior
  29. Twisted Tales
  30. Alien Worlds
  31. Bruce Jones (comics)
  32. Will Heggie
  33. Humanoids from the Deep
  34. Jack Sullivan
  35. H. Russell Wakefield
  36. The People That Time Forgot (film): Wrote article as The People That Time Forgot, which was then moved/copied word for word into The People That Time Forgot (film) by User:BPK2
  37. Trouser Press
  38. Talk about the Weather
  39. Paint Your Wagon (album)
  40. Nothing Wrong
  41. Blow (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry album)
  42. Blasting Off
  43. Before Hollywood
  44. Spring Hill Fair
  45. Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express
  46. Tallulah
  47. The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural
  48. Hilary Dwyer
  49. Ronald Bassett
  50. Witchfinder General (novel)
  51. John Coquillon
  52. Louis M. Heyward
  53. David Pirie
  54. Gordon Hessler
  55. James H. Nicholson
  56. John Kerr
  57. Fabio Pignatelli
  58. Massimo Morante
  59. Daniel Haller
  60. Claudio Argento
  61. Antony Carbone
  62. Franco Fraticelli
  63. Ivo Garrani
  64. Arturo Dominici
  65. Charles Champlin
  66. Romano Albani
  67. Paul Ferris (composer)
  68. Inferno (soundtrack)
  69. Cinevox
  70. Norma Bengell
  71. Glenn Erickson
  72. The Aurum Film Encyclopedia
  73. George Litto
  74. Antonio Rinaldi
  75. Penelope Gilliatt
  76. Tamara Asseyev
  77. Ronald Stein
  78. Morton Tubor
  79. Charles Hannawalt
  80. Stuart O'Brien
  81. Phil Hardy
  82. Del Negro
  83. Ruy Guerra
  84. Aurum Press
  85. The Overlook Press
  86. The Monster Times
  87. Ivan Rassimov
  88. Ubaldo Terzano
  89. Federico Boido
  90. Rand Holmes
  91. Lori Saunders
  92. Andrea Checchi
  93. Sacha Pitoëff
  94. Gabriele Lavia
  95. Eleonora Giorgi
  96. Veronica Lazar
  97. Aguirre (soundtrack)
  98. Cult Movies (book)
  99. Psychotronic Video
  100. Mark Smith (novelist)
  101. Don Chaffey
  102. Zeder
  103. Mario Serandrei
  104. The 5 EPs
  105. Remembrances
  106. Just Behind You
  107. Strange Things and Stranger Places
  108. Holes for Faces

Existing articles/stubs completely rewritten by meEdit

  1. William Campbell (film actor)
  2. Send Me a Lullaby
  3. 16 Lovers Lane
  4. Lorenzo Semple Jr.
  5. The Rocket

Pages with significant contributionsEdit

2001: A Space Odyssey   •   King Kong   •   Video Watchdog   •  Cinefantastique   •   The Mother of Tears   •   Big Country   •   Red Lorry Yellow Lorry   •   Dennis Etchison •     Barry N. Malzberg   •   Robert Fuest   •   Prince of Darkness (film)  •   Lucio Fulci   •  The Exorcist (film)  •  Exorcist II: The Heretic  •   Pauline Kael  •  This Island Earth  •  Them!  •  It Came from Outer Space  •   Don't Answer the Phone

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A Horror Barnstar is given to Hal Raglan for exceptional work on horror film articles. Dmoon1 18:12, 23 January 2007 (UTC)
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Congratulations on getting The Pit and the Pendulum (1961 film) to featured article status! It looks great! From one Roger Corman fan to another, I award you this barnstar. --Midnightdreary 02:15, 18 July 2007 (UTC)