enI can contribute with a
near-native level of English.
lvLatviešu valoda man ir
dzimtā valoda.
ruЯ свободно владею
русским языком.
{ };I am interested in, enjoy,
and study programming
C++I program in C and C++,
but mostly in C#.
PasI can program in Pascal and Delphi.
MATI can work with MATLAB
and use m-files.
PHPI program in PHP to generate
HTML using MySQL.
hsI can program in Haskell,
but I usually don't.
proI can program in Prolog,
but I usually don't.
BScI have 1st class honours BSc degree
from a UK university.
MScI have a merit MSc degree
from a UK university.
sciI am interested in scientific topics.
mathI like math.
I am intermediate mathematician.
devI am very interested in
video game development.
Gamepad.svgI am a member of
WikiProject Video games.
indieI have great respect for
indie game developers.

I am in charge of H3llBot and AAlertBot.

Whipping a working bot.png

The VG Barnstar
This barnstar is awarded to H3llkn0wz for their tireless augmentation and improvement of several video game profession articles! Congratulations!
The Citation Barnstar
This barnstar is awarded to H3llkn0wz for their tireless referencing of several video game profession articles! Congratulations!
The Barnstar of Diligence
Awarded to you for the incredible scrutinizing comments you made at Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/List of characters in the Uncharted series/archive1; you went above and beyond as a reviewer, and the article is not a FL in large part due to your discernment.
The Graphic Designer's Barnstar
I proudly bestow this barnstar for your excellent design of the geological and copyeditor barnstars.
The Barnstar Barnstar
For you barnstar-related contribs!
The Working Man's Barnstar
This Working Man's barnstar is awarded to H3llkn0wz for copy editing articles totalling 11,592 words during the Guild of Copy Editors July 2010 backlog drive. Your contributions are appreciated!
The Barnstar Barnstar
The Original Barnstar
I see that you are currently involved in starting up WebCiteBOT. I just want you to know that it's appreciated. It's going to be a giant leap forward for Wikipedia and you will have something to be proud of.
The da Vinci Barnstar
On behalf of the United Wikiprojects, I give you this barnstar in token of our gratitude for your efforts to make a new Article Alerts bot. It has been sorely missed, and will be welcomed back with great joy.
The Technology Barnstar
For all your effort on Alert Bot, its really going to help loads of projects.
The Working Man's Barnstar
For working insanely hard on getting this Bot up and running, a bot that will help numerous projects, I hereby give you this barnstar! Congrats and Thanks! :)
The Seattle Sounders FC Barnstar
On behalf of the Seattle Sounders FC task force I award you this barnstar. The article alert bot is very helpful to us in the way it automatically maintains an important section of our project page. Thank you for your efforts getting this bot working.
The Technology Barnstar
For making the new article alert bot thingy, which is awesome!
The da Vinci Barnstar
Thank you for getting Article Alerts back up and running and fixing our problem so quickly.
Bot operator's barnstar
This barnstar is awarded to you for the work on AAlertBot. I find it very usefull. Keep up the good work!
The Working Man's Barnstar
For copy editing seven articles with a total of 10,870 words (including bonuses) during the Guild of Copy Editors' March 2011 Backlog elimination drive. Thanks for all your contributions!
The Reviewer's Barnstar
In recognition of the incredibly detailed reviews that you've been doing at FAC, I present you the Reviewer's Barnstar. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
The Technical Barnstar
For the excellent work in coding User:AAlertBot.
Clever bot award
Thanks for adding links to archive.org to dead links in articles that I have written. It is a very useful thing to do and tedious to do by hand. Here is something that you can share with your owner.
The VG Barnstar
Hellknowz has been award the CVG Star for his tireless contributions to, and protection of the video game articles on Wikipedia.
The Barnstar of Diplomacy
For your comments around Flow :).
The Barnstar of Diligence
Article Alerts is a fantastic piece of software and I am immensely grateful to see it so actively and attentively maintained. Thank you.
Tireless Contributor Barnstar
This is for all your work on Loopz! Also, since I've had the misfortune to encounter a deletionist cabal while attempting to save worthwhile articles from AfD (and want to behave nothing like them) anyone who chooses to disagree with my nominations is okay by me!
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