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The only thing that benefits from doubt is truth.

I'm a generally nice going guy, that likes to play a lot of Computer games. I sometimes review or give my thoughts on a game and post them on my webpage [1].

I'm heavily interested in modern firearms and modern_warfare. My favourite war machine would have to be the Merkava Mk4. The Merkava Mk4 is so awesome it can even shoot down Anti-Tank helicopters.

By the way, my interest of guns and warfare is strictly related to the design and technology aspects.

I'm not one in favour of wars, but I'm definitely not one against them!

I enjoy 3D modelling and use Lightwave 8.5 because of its cheap price and great tools. You can have a look at a lot of my works at my deviantArt page.


  • Start the AICW page.
  • Fix up the Battle rifle page.
  • Add about 7 Aussie and 1 New Zealand band to the list of bands by country page.
  • Random fixing of persons english mistakes in a lot of pages. Eveyone makes mistakes, Just some more that others.

I mostly contribute to pages about Weapons and Warfare. Though i do like to skimp over other genre's that tickle my fansy.


If you'd like to chat to me on MSN you can!

MSN address - scott@testers.homelinux.net