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Bot details

Here are some details and links about FrescoBot major tasks. If you have any doubt or suggestion you can contact me at User talk:Basilicofresco.


Task 6 and Task 8: the bot analyzes selected articles, checks a matching target on Commons and then add the proper Commons template. This of course helps editors to find out new pictures, but these links are also precious to readers, non-English editors and bots.



Task 2 and Task 7: it fixes a lot of different syntax problems within wikilink and external links, included few non-trivial wrong spacing typos around links. Here is the exceptions list. It also removes misplaced invisible LTR marks within wikilinks, category links and image links. I wish to use a more informative edit summary, but as you can see these regex fix a pretty large number of different syntax/spacing problems: this approach helps to keep as low as possible the number of edits. If you wonder why it is so important to clean syntax on Wikipedia take a look at Wikipedia:WikiProject Check Wikipedia.

Broken linksEdit

Task 3 and Task 4: the bot checks and tries to fix broken links to sections. It looks for case mismatch and spelling variations. This is an important task because even a simple case mismatch can break a section wikilink and these broken links will appear blue and not red. Please note that case mismatches do not break the section wikilink only with Internet Explorer.

Link specificityEdit

With Task 12 the bot tries to improve, where possible without human intervention, the link specificity. Actually it is just enforcing Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Linking#Link specificity, Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Linking#Link clarity and intuitiveness in piped links.

References relatedEdit

These tasks are directly related to Reference section.

  • Task 9 removes any unnecessary asterisk in front of {{reflist}} templates, reflist synonyms and <references/> tags.
  • Task 10: if footnotes tags (e.g. <references/>) or templates (e.g. {{reflist}}) are found within the "External links" section and a "Reference" section does not exist, then a new "Reference" section is created and these tags are moved there.

Gallery problemsEdit

FrescoBot is fixing several problems also within image galleries.As usual I try to fix in one single edit many different problems.

  • Syntax issues
    • images inserted in the gallery with standard markup using square brackets (eg. [1], [2])
    • nonexistent parameters like thumb, left, right, upright, size, etc. File:Imagename.jpg|left|Description --> File:Imagename.jpg|Description (example)
    • empty and completely redundant gallery tags like <gallery></gallery><gallery>... --> <gallery>... (example)
    • multiple pipe characters after the filename [3]
    • missing pipe character after the filename [4]
    • captions as image parameters and therefore not visible [5]
    • categories mistakenly inserted in dummy galleries [6]
  • HTML tags problems
    • tags not closed [7] [8]
    • pointless br tags at the end of the line [9]
    • center tags without any content [10]
    • center tags around galleries in packed mode [11]
    • closing tags without the open tag [12] [13]
    • other less common problems with tags
  • Dummy caption: it will blank common dummy captions (eg. Add caption here) [14] [15]
  • Duplicate images in the same gallery with the same description [16], [17]
  • Nonexistent images
    • lines without any valid image name (like [18], [19], [20])
    • before removing any suspect invalid image the bot will check for the existence of the file [21]
    • if the file apparently does not exist then it will try to fix some common mistakes like a missing/extra | at the end/beginning of the filename [22] [23]
  • Invisibile characters
    • invisible LTR (U+200E) and RTL (U+200F) marks in the filename area (completely useless) [24]
    • other invisible control characters (from U+2027 to U+202F) in the filename area (completely useless)
  • unexpanded special strings
    • unexpanded user signatures (3 or more tildes within the galleries) [25]
    • unexpanded magic words [26]