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but my friends call me by this name.

Bonjourno, my neme ists Georgie. English is not my mother tongue, so there may (will) be grammar and/or spelling mistakes on this page. However, I think my English is good enough so as to get my point across.

I'm from Milan, but I've been living in Bogotá (Colombia) for a long time. I'm a physicist and mathematician from the Universidad de Los Andes (that's the reason for my nickname), and am currently working on my master's degree.

I found out about Wikipedia some time ago, thanks to a search on Google about furry (yes, I'm a furry, a red fox, if you want to know), and now I search it for almost anything, everyday. I think it's great and everybody should know about it (thanks, Jimbo!).

Contributions? There is a link at the bottom of this page, but if you're as lazy as I am (i.e. too lazy to go to the bottom), click here. Or here, to see the files I've uploaded.

Wanna send me a message? go to this page.

Other Wikimedia sites I contribute toEdit

... though I spend most of my (not so) free time here, even more than on es:.

My sandbox, I don't know why did I put this link here since probably it will be useful only to me. Anyway...

Thanks for all your WikiContributions! --FireFox [1]