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Bio sketchEdit

  1. multiple degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
  2. Happily Married
    1. Except for time I spend on Wikipedia and other sister projects
    2. or when she feels like a Trainz Widow when I enter the V-scale world
    3. sometimes she feels divorced
  3. Two boys in college...
    1. saving up for retirement, never enough money for desires...
    2. too many of us know that tale...
  4. Semi-retired from Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. Too many people on this site are too ready to throw away difficult time consuming edits with a moments thoughtless revert.
    1. A lifelong Railfan, due to the above attitudes, deteriorating eyesight issues, I spent a lot of time 2009-present in the world creation side of the Trainz simulators.
    2. In 2013 became a principle editor/author of the Trainz Wikibook, have been contributing to another TrainzOnline wiki.
  5. Engineering consultant, self-employed
    sometimes she feels divorced, or like she should to me... Sigh.
    sometimes I feels divorced, or like I should to she... (She's got her own biz too). It's a wonder the dogs get fed!
  6. Evening, not morning person
  7. Two lovable Dogs, Tropical fish
  8. Had lots of cats once, long ago first marriage
  9. Ran a mean D&D game as DM
  10. Enjoy gardening, blue water boating, some fishing, water sports, cycle some, should exercise more
  11. Wrong side of 59 (sniff)
  12. 30 years USNR, Submariner,
  13. Built several computers, saw the earliest breeds, programed in 12-14 dialects and languages at one time. Now have trouble with wiki-markup and HTML more often than the ole ego likes. (sigh)
  14. Gave up web crawling in mid-90's, and then came Wikipedia...


  1. History
  2. Reading eclectically
  3. Cabinetry and furniture building (I needed more bookcases, still do!)
  4. Model Railroading and scouting
  5. Wikiholic
  6. NFL football, esp. Pats (Safest bet ever: I won't be on Wikipedia during a Pats game)
  7. Taming my woodland and keeping the power equipment in good repair.
  8. May write fiction again someday. (sigh)
If you want more than that, you need to make a serious job offer! <G>