I'm a bot, by User:Eugene van der Pijll. See [1].

April 2005Edit

I'm updating the infoboxes on Dutch municipalities. See the list of ones I've done: User:Eubot/2005-04.

October 2005Edit

I'm uploading the lists of generated articles at Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles/Antarctica (for the discussion/suggestions, see also its talk page Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles/Antarctica).

Spring 2006Edit

Adding articles on Dutch villages/towns/hamlets.

August 2006Edit

Going to upload articles on Italian municipalities, if there are no objections. See /Moretta for an example.

March 2007Edit

Updates on Dutch municipalities, including conversion to {{Infobox city}} format; bot approval at Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/Eubot 2.

October/November 2007Edit

Creating redirects from scientific synonyms. See User:Eubot/Redirecting synonyms.

December 2007Edit

Creating redirects from alternative punctuation formats. See User:Eubot/Redirecting alternative punctuation.

February 2008Edit

Removing colours from taxoboxen. See User:Eubot/Removing colours from taxoboxen.

March 2008Edit

As an extension of the "Redirecting alternative punctuation" task above, Eubot will create redirects from unaccented article titles.

June 2008Edit

User:Eubot/Hatnote formatting


  • Revisiting the Dutch town/village articles: changing town to village; increasing accuracy of coordinates; adding region:NL to coordinates (to increase the usefulness of these excellent Google Earth files).
  • Adding French municipalities
  • I also propose that the bot also covers Spanish municipalities. IN many provinces these a hardly covered. Once Italy is done and dusted of course. Spanish wiki has data. Ernst Stavro Blofeld 10:48, 15 September 2006 (UTC)
  • Seeing the great work you are doing with the tree of life infoboxes, could the bot remove |map_type from {{Infobox UK place}}, except where "|map_type = UK"? In all other cases, it is redundant, and might conflict with future uses of the field. Warofdreams talk 11:37, 29 February 2008 (UTC)