I'm a U.S. higher education scholar; please see my webpage if you'd like to know more about me.

I have a complete (as of April 28, 2020) complete listing of all colleges and universities listed in IPEDS with links to their Wikipedia article(s) (if they exist). This will help me determine the extent of Wikipedia's coverage of colleges and universities in the United States; I envision a brief scholarly article summarizing this work will eventually result. While compiling the list, I also took the opportunity to make small edits and collect questions and observations that may be useful to Wikipedia editors interested in these article (see the "Kevin's notes and questions" worksheet in the Google Sheet).

As of late 2020, I'm focused on the different -grant programs (e.g., space-grant, sun-grant) as they are or are not consistently included in articles about U.S. colleges and universities. Specifically, I'm ensuring that (a) only "land-grant" is included in articles as an institutional "type" and (b) the other research consortia or organizations are included in the "academic_affiliations" parameter of the infobox. Of course, I'm also making other small edits to the infoboxes and article ledes as I'm doing this work.