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Time of nomination Article Reason
12 October 16:57 TmsEKP Not notable. There are no independent sources
12 October 17:24 Synovel Collabsuite Not notable. There are no independent sources
12 October 17:32 Groupiful Not notable. There are no independent sources
12 October 17:37 E Text Editor Not notable. There are no independent sources
12 October 20:51 Orchestral build Dicdef unchanged since 2006. Doesn't seem expandable beyond dicdef. Term is in use but sources found do not expound on it.
12 October 21:25 Honey I Shrunk the World Non notable publication
12 October 21:38 Mero sanu sathi Non notable software. Unsourced since 2006
12 October 22:43 Extrition Web searches reveal no independent evidence for the use of this term with this meaning. (There are examples of use of this term as a synonym for extradition.) The article cites no sources.
12 October 22:58 NetWork Oasis Non notable office space, unsourced since 2007
13 October 00:48 Desi Dobreva Singer with no singles in national chart in Bulgaria and no significant coverage in media. Fails WP:SINGERS.
13 October 01:12 A Friend Is... No evidence in the article that this book is notable
13 October 01:55 Harry Milne Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
13 October 03:53 Manchester Arndale stabbing Mental health issue, no fatalities, WP:NOTNEWS
13 October 04:06 Urgum the Axeman Appears to be completely unsourced since it was created 10 years ago, and tagged for the same length of time. A search for sources doesn't turn up much, leading to WP:NBOOK trouble.
13 October 05:35 Elijah (musician) Bio of musician sourced only to YouTube and social media.
13 October 05:41 N. P. Manicham Errthandaar Biography lacking reliable sources or evidence of notability.
13 October 08:38 Alcatel Business Communications No indication of notability
13 October 08:38 Collaber Not notable. There are no independent sources
13 October 09:05 Visual geography Unsourced since 2006.
13 October 09:28 University Toolkit Non notable piece of software
13 October 09:33 Hiver (software) Not notable. There are no independent sources
13 October 09:50 SHRED No RIS since 2007. Not notable
13 October 11:19 Singapi Unsourced since 2006. No sources found.
13 October 11:22 Glenn Simon Stub article lacking sources since 2007 on non notable individual.
13 October 13:16 Kayam Khani Subject matter is already covered by Qaimkhani, this article is less well-sourced in comparison to Qaimkhani
13 October 14:51 Russians in Lebanon The article is discriminatory; any woman who has come from Russia to Lebanon is equated with a prostitute
13 October 16:45 Wagarre Dikago Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
13 October 17:51 Bure (stream) Unsourced since 2010.
13 October 18:31 Seed (sculpture) The sources do not support the content of the article. There is no evidence that the term was ever used as suggested.
13 October 23:17 QWER Neither QWERTY nor QWERTZ is referred to as "QWER".
13 October 23:18 Gutter Sirens Lack of notability; can't find any sources to support meeting WP:NMUSIC
14 October 01:38 Barry Rosen Fails WP:BIO
14 October 02:16 Megan Franich Fails to meet notability requirements as per Wikipedia:NACTOR. Most coverage appears to be brief mentions in a handful of articles.
14 October 05:46 Thaayin Manikodi Non notable film; google groups is a reference; the telugu version on idlebrain released to a 0.25 out of 5 stars
14 October 07:08 The Centre for Polish Studies Non notable business.
14 October 11:08 Filer.js A search for references failed to find significant coverage in reliable sources to comply with notability requirements. This included web searches for news coverage, books, and journals, which can be seen from the following links:
Filer.jsnews, books, scholar
Consequently, this article is about a subject that appears to lack sufficient notability. Please see the plain-language summary of our notability guidelines.
14 October 16:54 Network of Change Non-notable non-profit, with no reliable secondary sources discussing it. It also appears to be defunct, as the domain for its former website is now being used for a different, unrelated group with the same name.
14 October 18:04 Seth Appiah-Mensah [BLP]
14 October 20:05 Canada at Mister International No reliable sources, presumed non-notable per WP:GNG.
14 October 21:07 Gregoire Mariethoz Gregoire Mariethoz does not need a personal page
14 October 21:09 Hadouken (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required (WP:2DABS). Both entries have a hatnote to each other.
14 October 21:15 Tikona Infinet Limited Not a notable company. Article uses unreliable/primary sources.
14 October 23:04 Kandupidi Kandupidi Unreferenced, non - notable film
15 October 03:50 Frozen Flesh Film has no claims to notability, and does not cite any sources.
15 October 04:47 Ashley Maynard-Brewer Fails WP:GNG and WP:NFOOTBALL. Swansea U-21 is not a fully pro team.
15 October 05:00 Plant Explorer Non-notable software. The only source being used in the article is from the developer's defunct website, and searches bring up no reliable secondary sources discussing it.
15 October 05:34 Weighted capitation formula Non notable topic. Only source dead.
15 October 06:59 Willakuy Short lived news website. Not notable.
15 October 07:11 The Windwalkers Non notable student project
15 October 07:39 Chris Oprison Non notable lawyer.
15 October 09:22 Vinita Chatterjee No significant coverage in reliable sources and current sources are mostly unreliable and interviews. Fails WP:NACTOR and WP:GNG.
15 October 09:33 Star Jalsha awards Not seeing significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. Unsourced since it was created and there is no evidence of notability.
15 October 09:37 Mustafa Hosni Fails WP:GNG and lacks third party sources
15 October 12:13 Java Dynamic Management Kit Advert for unnotable entity
15 October 12:45 Ryan Bainborough Player fails WP:NHOCKEY and no evidence they meet WP:GNG in any independent non-routine game coverage sources.
15 October 13:26 Petr Štěpánek Appears to fail WP:GNG without independent on non-stats sources. Well below the presumed notability standards in WP:NHOCKEY (Czech2 is the third tier in Czechia; NIHL/EPIHL is not well covered for players as a niche sport in the UK and tends to only get some WP:ROUTINE coverage if any).
15 October 14:34 Vikalpahin nahin hai duniya Unsourced, non-English article which has languished for 6 years.
15 October 15:21 Black Boned Angel Notability issue raised in 2009. Sources are affiliated with the subject, except one, a blog about metal.
15 October 16:21 Michael Langley Not notable child actor whose article has been effectively unsourced since July 2012 (IMDb doesn't count). Looks to be a clear WP:NACTOR fail and almost certain WP:BASIC fail as well.
15 October 17:57 Anna Genovese No evidence in the article that this person is notable
15 October 20:13 Arbiskov cell Apparent hoax. Zero mentions found on PubMed, Google Scholar, Science Direct, or Google Books.
15 October 20:29 Puller / Roadside Monument Non-notable split EP with no coverage in reliable sources.
15 October 20:53 Joint Inter-Domain Management Non notable IT topic.
15 October 21:23 Wojtek bereza [BLP]
15 October 21:34 Fipple flutes This article is simply an extract from fipple, but with errors (confusing the fipple and the labium for example). It would be better to change this into a redirect to the original fipple page.
15 October 22:25 InCtrl5 Non notable software.
15 October 23:25 Tua Sumo Non-notable product. Searching for sources turns up nothing but a few sites selling it.
15 October 23:30 Tony D and Papi Show Non-notable local radio program. All coverage and awards are from very local sources only.
16 October 01:45 Kowsar Publishing Non-notable journal, no significant coverage in reliable sources.
16 October 02:35 Greenkeepers High school club at the International School of Beijing, that fails WP:GNG
16 October 02:47 Community restitution Dicdef, not a single edit since creation in 2010.
16 October 04:24 Fall into the Open No indication that this album meet WP:NALBUM. The sources cited show it exists, but that's about it and they don't show how the album is notable enough for an article to be written about it. Most of the article content is nothing but WP:Namechecking or various other artists or people associated with the production, etc., but none it is supported by any citation to reliable sources.
16 October 05:36 Eyenovia does not meet QWP:NCORP, no references providing substantial coverage from third-party independent reliable sources, not press releases or mere announcements or notices of funding. Refs. 3 & 4 aren ot about the company/
16 October 07:15 List of State Police Minimum Age Requirements Non notable list without context
16 October 07:19 Kolong (film) no apparent evidence of notability
16 October 10:14 Paul Zemmour BLP —Notability issue raised in 2014. Very weak sourcing (interview + 3 lines)
16 October 13:10 George Hazboun The article does not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines
16 October 14:30 Eddie Dickens WP:NN fictional character, unsourced / unsourcable article since 2006
16 October 15:12 The Argonaut (magazine) Ephemeral magazine that appeared once in 1972 and a few times (? the website is not clear about which issues were published) until November 2018. No indication of any notability, no independent sources. Does not meet WP:GNG.
16 October 16:11 Elements CRM Company and product no longer exist; Ntractive closed in 2016
16 October 16:26 National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition Does not meet Wikipedia's normal inclusion criteria
16 October 16:40 Music of Hebei Not notable enough for Wikipedia, especially considering that unlike other articles on regional musics of China, there is no equivalent article on Chinese Wikipedia, or any other Wikipedia for that matter. (Please note, too, that many other articles created by the creator have been deleted as well.) Maybe we have a shot at saving this per Wikipedia:The Heymann Standard?
16 October 17:03 Dan Borgmeyer Fails WP:NPOL
16 October 18:39 Center for Critical Care Nephrology No independent third-party WP:RS to demonstrate why this passes WP:NORG. Fails WP:BRANCH as written. Text is very promotional
16 October 19:23 Adam Rubenstein Marginal figure, page seems to have been written largely by accounts affiliated with the subject, and majority of sources are primary and do not establish notability
16 October 20:30 Elemental Evolution (song) Doesn't meet WP:NSONG; artist article was deleted via WP:AFD
16 October 20:30 Oceans (D. S. Bradford song) Doesn't meet WP:NSONG; artist article was deleted via WP:AFD
16 October 20:34 Sona Jelin [BLP]
16 October 21:03 Water pump bearing Unsourced. Not notable.
16 October 21:09 Water Use It Wisely Non notable water conservation campaign.
16 October 22:10 Elemental Evolution Arist page recently deleted via AFD. No evidence that this album meets WP:ALBUM notability; one source ("PopMatters" might meet WP:RS, but hard to say if it's a promotional piece or an actual review.
16 October 22:56 Taxome Completely unsourced essay on a term that looks to be a non-notable WP:NEOLOGISM. Searching for uses or definitions of this word only comes up with a single group - the "Lepidoptera Taxome Project" (formally the "Butterfly Taxome Project) - that uses the word. It does not look to have spread or been discussed in any meaningful way beyond that group.
16 October 23:16 Katharine Beeman Doesn't meet WP:GNG or WP:POET
16 October 23:40 Anne Cimon No evidence to suggest that the subject is notable, specifically the article does not meet the criteria specified in either WP:GNG or WP:POET
16 October 23:42 Alan Bourassa No evidence to suggest that the subject is notable, specifically the article does not meet the criteria specified in either WP:GNG or WP:PROF
17 October 00:10 Alison Bethel-McKenzie article appears to be written by subject. Is subject notable enough for placement here?
17 October 00:33 Charisma on Command Subject lacks notability
17 October 02:01 Mr. Steak (grills) WP:ADVERT, sources are ad-like in nature. Only sources found otherwise are press releases and advertisements.
17 October 04:28 Rajeev Parameswaran Declined a speedy request because there's a claim of importance here, but in trying to find sources to add to the article I'm coming up short. No hits for Google news, the only regular Google hits are wikis and Facebook, and not much of that. Just not finding notability.
17 October 04:41 San Francisco Nights Fails WP:NALBUMS. No new content, didn't chart, no sourcing found.
17 October 04:50 Woodlands Foundation Non notable charity lacking independent sources.
17 October 04:52 Women in Government Relations No independent sources since 2009, none found.
17 October 05:03 Witels Unsourced.
17 October 05:34 Mitlu No evidence of satisfying either WP:GNG or WP:NFILM.
17 October 08:38 Alexander Zhmodikov [BLP]
17 October 13:41 Symbios Group Fails WP:NCORP. Coverage fails WP:CORPDEPTH
17 October 13:42 Real Vision Fails WP:NCORP. Coverage fails WP:CORPDEPTH
17 October 13:45 Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Non-notable accreditation body.
17 October 13:47 American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Non-notable educational institute.
17 October 13:52 Chris Jones (pitcher) Career minor league player; never reached majors; hasn't played since 2016; fails WP:NBASE
17 October 14:01 Drew Granier Fails WP:NBASE and WP:NCOLLATH
17 October 14:03 Evan Sharpley Fails WP:GNG, WP:NBASE, and WP:NCOLLATH
17 October 14:09 John Stewart (baseball) Fails WP:GNG, WP:NBASE
17 October 14:13 Kevin Pucetas Fails WP:GNG, WP:NBASE, and WP:NCOLLATH
17 October 14:37 Reid Redman Fails WP:NBASE and WP:NCOLLATH
17 October 14:39 Stephen King (baseball) Fails WP:GNG and WP:NBASE
17 October 16:16 Robert Non [BLP]
17 October 16:26 Gibraltar Photographic Society Fails notability guidelines at WP:GROUP.
17 October 17:25 Teri O'Neill Article fails to demonstrate that WP:GNG is met. A local politician has no inherent notability. Only one ref discusses subject but not in any depth.
17 October 18:08 Aforce There is literally nothing on Wikipedia named "Aforce"; a hatnote to Advanced Headquarters 'A' Force on the A-Force article should be sufficient.
17 October 18:42 Nedungayil Sankunni Narayanan Matriculation Higher Secondary School Since schools are excludes from WP:A7, I propose deleting this article as it doesn't establish notability about the school, there are no references to support the claims made in the article, and all sources that can be found are self-published and sources which copy Wikipedia's entry
17 October 19:15 Alex Ferrari (filmmaker) Minimal evidence of notability
17 October 19:21 Luz de Vida Fails WP:NALBUMS, no sourcing found
17 October 19:44 Virtual Bouncer Non notable software.
17 October 20:43 URL Subscription Architecture Unsourced since 2007
17 October 20:51 Chiltern Tunnel No need for one line articles for every proposed tunnel, bridge, viaduct and other engineering structures along the length of HS2
17 October 22:43 Wikipedia talk:Articles for deletion/Colin G. DeYoung reason for proposed deletion
17 October 23:06 List of works by Robert T. Jeschonek None of these pieces appear to be notable.
18 October 00:05 Paula Miranda No evidence this person meets WP:NACTOR; no major roles that I can see. Only WP:BIO coverage otherwise is from stylistocrat, which no longer exists, whatever it was.
18 October 01:50 Northrop State University
18 October 05:26 Richard Albrecht [BLP]
18 October 05:29 Mehran Khaghani subject is insufficiently notable
18 October 05:44 Artyom Alimchev [BLP]
18 October 05:46 Kerem Alışık [BLP]
18 October 06:34 Gleb Shatov Fails WP:GNG as a search on Google shows no results for this player.
18 October 08:23 Kayel Locke [BLP]
18 October 11:58 USB-6008 Non notable product sourced only to company’s website.
18 October 12:55 Farrah Kader Known for only a single event.
18 October 13:32 Manoli Olympitis I don't see any sources that meet WP:RS to indicate how this person is notable; it doesn't appear that any of the companies they've chaired, etc., are notable either.
18 October 13:33 Emily Todhunter No obvious WP:RS to indicate how this interior designer meets WP:BIO notability criteria.
18 October 15:43 Zagnut No indication of notability. Fails WP:CORP. No independent reliable sources cited, none found. Fails WP:GNG.
18 October 15:52 Katie Douglas (disambiguation) Unnecessary disambiguation page per Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Disambiguation page or hatnotes?. Katie Douglas (actress) is already linked by the hatnote at Katie Douglas.
18 October 15:54 Frank A. Calderoni Zero coverage. Non-notable, fails WP:BIO
18 October 15:55 Rajagiri National Business Quiz This article was created by an editor who's username, Creating User:Rajagirinbquiz, indicates an almost certain WP:COI. After significant cleaning up by other editors, the only non-dead (sources 2&3 are 404s) references left are 1) what appears to be a reposted press release and the website to the company that publishes the quiz.
18 October 17:20 Monolayic theatre A non-notable theater term that seems to have been largely WP:MADEUP. I am unable to find any scholarly sources discussing the concept, and only a few uses, all in reference to the one play/author described in this article.
18 October 18:00 Michael Keane (economist) promotional content
18 October 21:01 Valve shim Unsourced since 2006
18 October 21:42 Sri Rama Temple, Ramapuram Subject fails GNG due to lack of non-trivial coverage from reliable sources.
18 October 23:10 Southern California University of Health Sciences Does not meet Wikipedia:Notability_(organizations_and_companies)
19 October 00:27 Trap Religion (Keemo Bankz song) Non-notable single by non-notable artist, which is currently under deletion review.
19 October 02:00 Independent Soldiers This article has no inline sources, and the references section at the bottom contains a combination of passing mentions (i.e., not WP:SIGCOV) and unreliable sources.
19 October 02:25 Greatest Hitz (Soulja Slim album) Fails WP:GNG and WP:NALBUM. Unreferenced since creation, no reliable sources found online at all, never charted anywhere, not even on Billboard specialist hip hop charts.
19 October 03:26 C.L.I.F 5 No references at all
19 October 08:18 George Lincoln D'Costa Not a notable person.
19 October 08:57 Venturesoft Unsourced corporate promotion
19 October 09:07 Victorian slide bracelet Unsourced.
19 October 10:08 Web3S Lacks independent sourcing.
19 October 10:10 WebInfo No independent sources since 2006
19 October 11:41 Vida USA Unsourced since 2007
19 October 11:58 U-CARE No indication of notability, fails WP:GNG.
19 October 13:11 New Mobility Agenda no evidence of notability
19 October 13:12 Azada: Ancient Magic No evidence of notabilty
19 October 13:24 No evidence of notability.
19 October 14:14 Nevada Petroleum Society No indication that subject meets WP:NORG notability guidelines.
19 October 14:51 Natee Utarit Autobiographical article
19 October 16:09 Zarafa (software) Not notable. There are no independent sources
19 October 16:18 John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School Non-notable middle school

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