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OperatorDrilnoth (T)
Approved?Yes (1234)
Task(s)1: Check Wikipedia cleanup
3: License migration work
4: Removing deprecated {{Future}} templates
Edit rateSaves 1 second after finding a page that isn't skipped
Edit period(s)While Drilnoth is around and able to check on it
Automatic or manual?Automatic or supervised depending on specific task
Programming language(s)AutoWikiBrowser
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Tasks 1, 2, and 4: No; it just uses simple AWB and regular expressions so there isn't really any source code to publish.
Task 3: RegEx at BRFA.

DrilBot is a bot account operated by Drilnoth. It uses the lists which are generated at WikiProject Check Wikipedia in order to find articles which contain errors and fix them. See /Summaries for details on some of its edits. It uses AutoWikiBrowser to accomplish this.