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My name is Dawkeye, a man who works in ICT for the local education authority in Leicester, England. If you must know more, then I am a O type capricorn earth dog, or check the userboxes below.

I made my first wiki-edit on 29 May 2006. Like most people I started small, making corrective edits, fixing spelling or links, before making the leap to creating articles. From then I have gone on to work on various things; most often to do with aircraft, ships, or military biographies, as well as grunt work on fixing and updating references and infoboxes on random articles that I come across. My favourite article that I created is probably the one on William Green who as well as having an interesting story was also my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. The biggest job was working on the Republic of Vietnam Navy article and the split off article Ships of the Republic of Vietnam Navy.

I could list every article I've created or substantially updated, but can't be arsed.